How Keraun Harris Went from Jail to a Social Media, Vine, & Instagram Star

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Keraun Harris marked his 21st birthday with an amazing gift of a non-traditional drink. The drink is simply a celebratory cup of coffee containing Jolly Ranchers.

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This is because there were no sugar options available at the point of delivery.

Keraun’s cellmate made applaud by mentioning congratulations after delivering the drink. Records show that Keraun has been imprisoned for about 21/2 years at the Texas State Penitentiary.

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The reason that landed Harris in prison is because of credit card abuse and robbery.

On his 21st birthday, Harris realizes that he was not living a good lifestyle. In an ephemeral of time, Keraun’s life was driven with purpose.

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After released from the prison Keraun began to design comedy videos for YouTube, Vine and Instagram under the umbrella of moniker called “King Keraun.”

Keraun Harris and girlfriend

The videos designed by Harris focused on topics such as football, family, relationships a dn just to mention a few. The videos went viral due to the creative design added by Keraun Harris.

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