How Black People Bring Racist Activity Into Their Own Lives and Communities

The impact of Black Insolence ends up costing the lives of our innocent Black people who have done nothing wrong. If #BlackLivesMatter so much, when do they begin to matter to us?


So much is misunderstood about REAL racism in America.

White people misunderstand it as something that can and does happen to them by someone who has no power against them whatsoever, and who can only use words (verbal sticks and stones) that may hurt their feelings. Most Black people are reactionary and pull out on the Late Freight in retaliation of being hurt, harmed or degraded, but typically, they can exercise no racist power against these whites that will cost whites their lives, or deprive them of their liberty or their pursuit of happiness.


Listen to what Imam Cassiem says about how Nelson Mandela sold out his own people in exchange for making ‘white right’ in a nation that spent hundreds of years fighting apartheid, and even jailed him for DECADES for doing so.

Quote [paraphrased]: “Racism is statutory law – an okay by ruling governmental authorities to treat certain persons in a degrading way based on nothing other than their skin color and/or ethnicity, and use others against them by dehumanizing and eliminating them” which is what Trump is doing to so-called ‘immigrants’ now.

The Sellouts In the Black Communities

But now that Black America has been thoroughly “Willie Lynch”-conquered-and-divided through the same kind of dehumanization now being used on so-called ‘immigrants’ by Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan’s other neo-demonic aide and representative, not only did the Reagan Initiative to put Black Americans back in slave chains (mental and emotional and spiritual) actually manifest itself on our watch, but when Black America self-imploded and allowed themselves to be put on psychosocial plantations by a European technique called “gaslighting,” they ended up right back on PHYSICAL plantations called jails and prisons. It is in the jail and prisons where PHYSICAL SLAVERY is actually still legal, and where their children are well on the way in the school-to-prison pipelines.

In the 1980s, when we told Black people that their worship of Ronald Reagan just because he could quote a Bible scripture (demons know the Word, too, mind you, AND they know who The Messiah is, they know Him better than WE do) … was going to cause their asses to end up on plantations again, they laughed and said it wasn’t possible. Maybe Bill Cosby fooled them into a dream state, but today, if it was funny, we could laugh, too. That plantation has revived, schools have been resegregated and the racists are in full effect during Donald Trump’s #SWAMPNATION, in THIS day and age because we thought it was all a big joke.

Keep laughing…

Once they succeeded in bringing Black communities to utter disconnect and failure, they went after the middle class and received enough contemporary pushback to get Barack Obama elected President twice; but that, too, was only temporary. Now that they’ve situationally dissolved and dispersed Black communities into economic nothingness, they have new tinkertoys to play with, with the overall destructive swampiness of Donald Trump.

Someone in a town called Columbus asked just days ago, “It takes a Village … Where is the Village?”, but the person who asked the question was actually a part of the problem of the DESTRUCTION and degradation of the Village.

Her level of bad attitude and the level of disrespect alone of her own neighbors was sellout-worthy.

The nastiness that she showed against older Black persons and against their right to the peaceable and quiet enjoyment of their VILLAGE, their homes and lives and land and property in the ‘hood, as she then began to play localized ‘victim’ and yelp and whine about people ‘messing with her who need to leave her alone’, well … she never truly recognized herself as part of the problem that killed off the “Village.” The Village that she was crying and whining about just to impress listening and watching white folks as her flying misspelling typing finger was saying one thing, we also knew that her actions and attitude and the activities in her rental home across the street said QUITE another.

Not only are there the Black women who allow their children to destroy Grandma’s property and steal from her, but the ones also who had the next door neighbor who volunteered to watch her children until one day it was ASSUMED that she would continue to do so while the mother ‘cocked coochie’ inside the house with a sorry jobless Black man who was obviously just there for the ride.

When the older lady (The Village they cry about, yet disrespect) who was TRYING TO HELP HER WITH HER DAUGHTERS told her she wasn’t going to babysit just so Mama could play the whore inside the house, the lovely bedwench (she didn’t have to be with a white man to be one of those) then stepped outside with her playtoy dingaling and started screwing him on the front porch in the broad daytime in wide open view.

When the older woman who, for months, had tried to help her with the children told her “they were going to have to take that mess inside,” the female whom she had helped turned on her and began to curse her out LOUDLY for love of that nasty jobless porch-dong who was going to eventually be blamed for screwing up her life when she was actually doing it to herself. Apparently, her coochie was a HECKUVALOT more important to her than THE VILLAGE that day, and on all other days after that.

Grandma was left with no choice but to turn her back on the female and refuse to watch her children any longer, which led to the loss of Mama’s job.

There was no more volunteer after-school childcare available to her, and even worse, on her way out of the neighborhood – no longer able to stay where she could not afford to pay – the same Black female ‘bedwench’ took it upon herself to destroy the property of the OTHER older Black neighbor who had no sympathetic smiles for her unwatched unruly children. These unkempt kids put a long scratch mark on the older Black woman’s brand new EARNED car and Mama ended up in court over it, SO … she plucked up the older woman’s hard-earned yard work on her way out, thus leaving an indelible mark on who and what it was, exactly, that screwed up The Village; yes, unruly young Black women like her and them, with bad attitudes and nasty behaviors who expect what they do not pay for and who do not respect those who bend over sideways and backward to help them.

Now Comes …

Her kind of ‘Black feminista’ allows a white Conservative America to degrade them and all of us in the ‘hood through the infusing of a drug and gun culture in which they do not even own the drugs or the guns or the ability to profit from them, nor do these Conservative-owned Blacks make enough money to move next door to the whites they help to enrich.

They despoil their own neighborhoods and their own mothers and G’mas end up having to take liens on their hard-earned homes and/or raise money for a GoFundMe funeral in order to bury them. They didn’t even make enough $$$ off that white evangelical Conservative Trumpean gun and drug culture money to get themselves properly buried, let alone in nice houses and driving nice cars.

They also adapt easily to white Conservative cultural hatred of other Black people by engaging and indulging in the types of activities that will eventually harm their children, in the long run, and allow their future generations to run all over Black America festering like an open sore.

They say white liberals cause long-term welfare dependency, but it is white conservatives who teach them to show no home-training and no respect for others and elders in their own neighborhoods, the main places where use of that kind of conservative evangelical greed, wrongheaded Americanism, and opioid-induced ‘kill-culture’ is used to instill ungodly and unneighborly fear and hatred into and OF those who live around them.

Uncle Clay Tom
Black Confederate Buffoon “Uncle Clay” (ne’e ‘Clarence Thomas’). “Uncle Tom” is a whole different Black man who gave up his life so others slaves could be free. Uncle Clay would never do that.

Yet, if the police do arrive because “The Village Grandma” is finally tired of it all, and then starts popping off bullets, killing and walking, walking and killing, killing and walking away with it, they then fall into the streets hollering “#BlackLivesMatter,” when it is too often MORE than obvious that Grandma’s Black Life did not matter to them before it all happened. By then, they have left Village Grandma with no choice but to turn her back and say she saw and heard nothing. And they truly brought it on themselves, they did.

ALL Black People, our corporate asses

Is there a moment of circular and cyclical clarity insanity in this shit life that we all live when Black people actually INSPIRE racist activity against ALL of us?

By being so boldly insolent and badly behaved as to be oblivious to any world except their own personal one, they do laugh in the face of truth and call it a day, which pisses off white people even more and causes ALL of us to become public racially profiled targets because of them. They don’t make much of an attempt in their lives to make racial profiling wrong; their actions often make it justifiable, in fact.

Moment of Truth re: The infamous “BBQ Becky”:

Cooking out in that particular park was actually against city ordinance, and had been for some years due to an incident in which a child was killed.

Yet, the Black folks that she called the cops on were too lackadaisical and self-absorbed to check first and make sure it was okay by city code to cook out in that park before they simply assumed it was. However, these white folks do that shit so much everyone is tired of it, including the cops.

Though “BBQ Becky” was legally correct, the fact still remains of whether or not she (“#bbqbecky’) would have called the cops on the picnickers if the cookers of such BBQ foodstuffs had been white. Chances are … Prolly NOT.

Through this era of the racist SWAMP that #TrumpNation brought to America, following Ronald Reagan’s 1980s racist swamp, the racism of white people is still unsettlingly nauseating.

Yet, there are times -plenty of them and far TOO MANY TO COUNT- when the alleged racism railed against all of us without justification emanates and falls forward because of the insolent and self-serving, self-absorbed behaviors of other Black people who often behave as if the world revolves around them and the sun doesn’t rise, shine or set unless their Black asses command it.

That is one awful and ugly element of this “American racism” story that we don’t seem to want to discuss, yet, #THATISAMERICA, also.

Black folks often tend to conjure the shit up, use it against one another, this INTERNALIZED racism, and then they don’t want to take responsibility for it when shit falls apart. AND SHIT IS ALWAYS FALLING APART with us. To the point where, sometimes, even calling some Black folks monkeys is an insult to the monkeys.

Moments in America When We Do Bring This Racist Shit on Ourselves

Is there ever a way to overcome being “lumped together” with badly-behaved Blacks besides being stuck up and pretending we/you are “not one of those types.” What are the instances when racism is actually “You”-ism?

Are Black people actually the cause of racism against themselves (the U.S. that is US) with all of the constant …

_Loud Murder-inspiring Bad -behavior-invoking and Degrading “crap” rap music (the internalized demoralizing of self and women)?

_Internalized racism (Black KKKlan)?

_Degrading clothing, over-sexualized dances NOT while in Africa but in the politest of the American public, and the openly whorish bare-assedness in public places?

_Public mannerisms when they truly ARE being treated nicely? (No one is obligated to ‘slave-wave’ at “#MISSAMERICABECKY on demand, but being nasty and cruddy just because you can isn’t an option either)

_Open Defiance of the laws and ridiculing of those who abide within the stated laws?

_Self-absorbed Agreement of hatred against themselves, one another, and others like them just to be mean and cruel?

_The ripping off of other Black people and treating one another like we are OBLIGATED to work for Black people for free while being so willing to turn over our last dime to the alleged ‘oppressors’?

_The constant “joking” and playing around with the very racists who degrade and demoralize Black people the most, even when it’s not funny at all?

_The Allowance of theft of our own their-owned culture and means of survival by being an easy and voluntary ‘sell-trade’ object worldwide?

_The Refusal to take seriously their/our own racial and psychological and social degradation and then acting all self-righteous when others give out exactly what was asked for?

_The Disrespect of our own their-owned customs, communities, elders, and ancestors, who can no longer form a “The Village” for fear of being disrespected and lied on, as well as turned against by those we try to help?

By This Bread, We All Were Fed

But we eat no more…

We who grew up in a neighborly “Village” knew what it was like to rely on one another, to care and to share, and to be proud and instinctively supportive, and not to take it for granted or to abuse that privilege. The Village used to shield us from that racism, they were our buffer and our stronghold against enemy attack and promulgation…Say It Loud. #BlackAndProud


‘WE’ (The Joshua Generation who came up behind Moses/Moshe) didn’t drop the ball on Civil and Social and Economic Rights and on engineering justice in Black America, though some of us are at fault for ditching our inheritance in exchange for a bag of weed and some government cheese … we who worked in the light of day to preserve and protect our communities owe them no apologies whatsoever.

We carried it as far as we could and handed off to them, and they -as the ingrates they often are- threw it all in the trash can.

They ended up known as the highly selfish “Party-Party-Bling-bling” Materialistic Generation that followed (to include Subgenerations X/Y/Z in the fourth decade, and The Millennials of the Fifth Decade, coming out of Black Y2K in America, and now known as the “We ain’t Black” Black folks because they have light skin and good hair — and d’uh–where have we heard that one before?).

It’s a shame and a-half that this nouveau Black-nonBlack generation of self-inspired self-haters with their spoiled, privileged, and intrusively selfish ways will never get to know what that Village was like. It was a BLESSING to have been a part of it, yet … they shot it full of holes and left it in the blinding cold snow to die. On THEIR watch.

And we go from glory to glory being the privileged ones who appreciated the kindness of others and respected one another, nearly worshipped and cherished our grandmas and “Big Mamas,” and these “other” ‘new old’ Black folks … well, they missed out, and thus made themselves out a group of #BlackLivesNoMatter.



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