History Repeating Itself: Two Sisters From Compton Ready To Take Over Golf

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In the world you find out that no idea is original. There’s nothing new under the sun. Everything that we’ve seen and thought has been done before. From the nineties to present day, we’ve seen the Williams Sisters (Venus & Serena) completely dominate the tennis world. Serena is even considered one of the best athletes that we’ve ever seen. Even other great athletes such as LeBron James have even conceded to her abilities. It seems like they’ve been around forever because they started off as child prodigies out of Compton, California. Well, it seems as if we’ve found Venus & Serena Willams 2.0, ironically also from Compton!


Meet the Phillips Sisters 6-year old Layla and 4-year old Roxy. Even at their young age, their showing mastery over the sport of golf. ABC7 reports that Layla won Southern California PGA drive, chip and putt competition last week, qualifying for the Junior World competition in San Diego. Her sister shows proficiency in golf too. They both learned how to play the game when they were two years old.

According to reports, their start in the sports is storybook-esque. The family lived next to the Maggie Hathaway Golf Course in L.A. The Phillip Sister’s mom, Jasimen Phillips, wrote to the course asking them to do something about all the golf balls landing in their backyard, the course responded with an invitation for family golf lessons. From there, the sisters cultivated a love for the sport.

Expect to see them in the PGA tournament in a few years!


Venus & Serena 2.0? Compton Sisters Set to Take Over Golf, The Root

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