Happy Days: Top Ways Black Folk Continue to Subsidize Sustained Cultural Slavery, Racism, Misogyny, and Black Genocide in America (A 2-Part Series)



King Trump: The Two Dons
Don King: “A financed supporter of white supremacy.”

Seen on Facebook today:
Petra Ophelia Gertjegerdes
4 hrs · Columbus ·
Watching Don King give his speech, and seeing all those ‘Caucasians’ laugh at his ‘nigga’ comments made me so upset and sad, all at once. He didn’t even have spect for the Black Church he was in! If we can’t respect ourselves, how in the world are we supposed to get others to respect and us! None the less getting police to stop killing us! We must do better! #blackpeoplerespectyourself #donkingpleasestop #stopthemadness


The Number One way Black folk continue to sustain cultural racism and Black genocide is exactly what Ms Gertjegerdes of The Columbus (GA) Times stated above.

White supremacists formulate a basis for the hows, whats and wherewithals of why they kill Black people and walk and it has to do with the way we treat one another.

How easily we are bought and sold to the highest bidder on our own volition, and how well they can prove why Black folks are simply “Born to be slaves” to the rest of humanity. We “monkey” or mimic anything they tell us or throw at us in exchange for a mere pittance, and they never bother to mention that what they throw at us was never theirs in the first place.


Yet, they throw their monkey poop and piss change over the fence and into our yards just to watch us “jig-a-boo dance” to get at it. We never toss it back in their yards, we just hold on to it for dear life and hope they toss more.

They never bother to mention how America would never have known true freedom unless Black people had fought for the right to be counted as human beings.

At the end of this journey is a surrender flag or pennant tossed into the ring right along with the biggest white supremacists in the world, and they are contained within the realm of the character of self-styled ‘darkies and nappy-heads’ (Black folk we often refer to as “Uncle Toms” or “Coons”) in the likes of a ‘nigga’ like Don King.

White folks can poop and piss on a platter, then ring a “Dinner” bell and SOME Black folk will show up in droves, running toward it with their own plate, cup, fork, spoon, and knife to partake. With relish. Eat of it and beg for more.

Even the games of football and basketball and the rap music game made only for white folks pleasure and their financial futures (…and another form of post-plantation slavery…), has itself turned out to be nothing more than “alligator bait.” Dangle them out in front of a pile of live p-change cash and see which one bites first and draws blood. #LoveandHipHop #Empire #Scandal , et al …

That is just a cold hard fact of life that has been true of us since the beginning of time. The Bible tells us this is so, and history and current events has only backed it up over time.

We take each other’s lives for a joke.
Why wouldn’t they laugh, too?

Part I


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