The Republican Party brought in a foreign leader from another country to “take over” American government on their watch, and all that can be said about it is this: They can’t be accused of treason or sedition against a United States President, but they should be.

The good news: President Obama’s approval rating went up a whole five percentage points because of their traitorous act.

Take note: These are the same trifling un-American non-Patriot Republican Party blowhards who will tell you they did such a thing in order to “save” this country, but it is more than just a little bit obvious that this country needs to be saved from them, and that includes from Rudy Guiliani, who thought he was going to rack up a few Reagan Brownie Scout points for his ‘pre-Bibi’ speech that accused President Obama of “not loving this country.” Guiliani watched that backfire on his head, then made an attempt to back-peddle off it when he discovered that it didn’t work out the way he thought it would.

The GOP does not own U.S. foreign policy, but someone sure sold them a sack of ish lies and made them think they do.

NO, Boehner … everybody in this country is not “in love” with occupied Israel and America has just about had enough of this “blind pledge of allegiance” to a foreign flag that no one is obligated to salute, nor respect. Nobody except you and yours, Boehner, thinks Benjamin Netanyahu has a right to tell anyone in America what they should and should not do, or who they should and should not trust.

Your Party, John Boehner, has opened the door to foreign attacks and terrorism by your attempt to usurp the authority of a United States President by someone who had no right to be here — let alone to be put in a position to tell our President what to do by a racist delimiting fractious political party of the Republican ilk.


Netanyahu came to THIS country to take over the authority of an AMERICAN President, through the SAME PARTY who said that “Foreigners without U.S. Birth Certificates are Not Allowed to Be President.” Yet, they have selected Bibi -who literally threatened OUR President- to represent them. Yahu said ‘You should trust me, not your president on this. I am the man you should trust, I am your true leader on this question of U.S. geopolitics. To protect yourself, you must listen to me and not this president.’”

Nobody knows what the holy flying hell Boehner and the GOP were trying to do; but for this, no one would miss them if President Obama sent a pack of drones flying in their general direction.

This lame anti-American attempt on the part of the GOP to undermine the President is duly noted; and from this point forward, Netanyahu needs to be put on total ignore. America never had an obligation to kiss Israel’s ass and there is no “evangelical Israel-loving Jesus” who is coming to kiss it for them.

They are totally on the wrong side of history, and on the wrong side of their own claims to “love and protect Israel for God” while they multiplicitously assault and terrorize God’s children who happen to be Muslim or Islamic people only because of a small faction of radical Islamic killers who think they have some claim to a God or Allah that they also apparently do not respect.

The GOP is no better than the terrorists they claim to hate, and they apparently worship no God or true defender of God’s Israel, they only worship white skin … and even God’s Son, The Messiah, was not a white man. The GOP would obviously crucify Christ all over again, especially when they discover what “race” He really was.

President Obama’s approval ratings didn’t go up for nothing, Jackasses.

May they continue to climb…


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