We say “Black people can’t trust each other.” “Black people don’t stick together.” “Black people just don’t…” do anything to benefit our own race because “we are not a monolithic people,” and “we simply just don’t get along.”

The Republican Party and a lot of white people can’t trust each other either. They don’t stick together and they don’t get along …until it’s time for them to gangbang together and screw over Black people and any other non-white person they feel like on any given day.

It’s all hands on deck when it’s time to eff Black America, any way they can do it is alright with them.

When Obama was elected President in November 2008, it became pretty obvious that the GOP’s vote-buying tactics, their last-minute political anguish to move the redistricting polls, and their attempts to send the Obama for America campaign their foreign money donation cards and to register votes accorded to the Democratic Party under names like “Mickey Mouse” and “Captain America” didn’t work out for them — but killing ACORN, an organization long known for registering Blacks and minorities to vote in record numbers, and for seeing to it that they all vote without being harassed; well, they did kill that one. Dead. And we let them do it.

In 2009, the open mandate for the GOP was to go ALL IN to “oppose and block” everything the newly-elected President did and wanted to do. Nothing he said or did was going to make them go in any direction except the opposite.

In my book, The United States of Georgia, released in 2009, I talk about how a Republican lawyer that I worked for at the time said “We’ll just spend the next four years blocking everything he does until we can get him out of there,” and “Obama can spread the wealth all he wants, we’ll have it all back in two years anyway.”

Well, Obama didn’t “get out of there” in four years. He was re-elected in 2012, the first two-term one-term president in America’s history.

NOTE There’s a whole long story that can’t be told in a short article, about the ‘economics and mathematics of racist finances’ that tells the “Two Year Story” about how Black people and other ethnic minorities are screwed in a revolving door cycle. Everything we get and have and are and even think about cycles through us, bounces back to them, and stays there “just to make it appear that we have something BY LAW that we really do not have.”

In 2010, the GOP went into overdrive to mock and ridicule the Healthcare Reform Act, telling the American people in no uncertain terms that the poor and the working poor could drop dead, go straight to hell, and “use the Emergency Room” for colds or other non-emergencies like they had been doing. That mandate from them is what sent the nation into a trillion-dollar deficit in the first place.

When President Obama asked them for an alternative plan to Medicaid/Medicare expansion (which was narrowed down to a “public option”), they showed up in DC with binders full of nothing. Fancy blue folders that were stone cold empty, and then proceeded to pick apart -piece by piece- every detail of the expanded Medicaid plan that had lain on the tables of many real Americans collecting dust.

Since THE BIG BILL passed Congress, the GOP has spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to repeal something that is very popular with the real American people and that was approved and mandated by SCOTUS. It’s the least they could do after they snatched the very heart out of Black America’s long and hardwon battle for voting rights. Poor things, SCOTUS.

In 2011, the GOP went in on the President for his ridiculous “apology tour” where he had to fly around to some of America’s deepest allies after W Bush and cronies alienated them. They came as close as we need to them to threatening to join forces with al Qaieda and the Taliban and come at us for the treachery of the Republican Party and for its war crimes. President Obama drove himself nearly to the point of exhaustion to tell them that all of America did not agree with the GOP and to work out some other measures with us than “come over here and kick our arsses.”

To this day, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld can’t even leave the country without fear and threat of arrest and without the risk of being tried for their cruel and inhumane treatment of prisoners of a war on Iraq and in Gitmo (Guantanomo Bay). It shouldn’t have happened, wouldn’t have happened on Gore’s watch. Of course, they bypass talking about Saddam Hussein, except to say they he made himself a victim by allowing the Bush family regime to use him to dog his own people, for which they then blamed him for doing exactly what they set him up to do.

In 2012, disappointed that their “Birther/Hidden Muslim” Campaign utterly failed to work out, they went all in again with their “Don’t ReNig in 2012” campaign site that was made to appear “one-manish” and exclusive. President Obama’s one and only perfected answer to that one: “You can’t be thin-skinned when it comes to politics.”

All the white gloves and Black hats were off at that point.

In 2013, with the Birther Campaign sufficiently killed and utterly ridiculed in all corners of America, they were back to the broken record of REPEAL OBAMACARE – handily headed toward their 50th bill to undo it at taxpayer’s expense; and using practically enough tax money to have paid everyone’s doctor and hospital bills-and then some.

And that’s just the stuff the media saw fit enough to be NEWSWORTHY.

Let’s not even start on the political obstruction behind nearly everything other little thing that Obama does that is ‘pro-American (from our vantage point) and just happens to be anti-Republican’ (from their vantage point).

This year, in 2014, it’s back to “asparagus-eating” [per Eric Holder] on Benghazi. Then to top that off, all of the GOP messages of well wishes and welcome home to Sgt. Bowie Bergdahl have somehow “disappeared” from all GOP Twitter camps and elsewise.

The overall feeling is that the fascist-oriented party leaders are telling their compatriots “Don’t be congratulating that ni&&er Obama” by welcoming Bergdahl home. We have to pull together and stick together to stick it to him and keep working to make him look like a big Black jackass before the November 2014 “turn over Congress” elections this year. Archie Bunker would have been proud.

These are their last-minute election year “anti-American pro-rich-white-guy American guffaws” in order to finalize the deal of being the racists they’ve always been and going back to business as usual as soon as January 2017 is here.

Benghazi, the GOP screw-up for pulling funds that Obama specifically asked for to beef up security in Tripoli, resulted in the death of US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens.


That is their last bastion and caveat lurking around in the shadows waiting to crush out their last breath come November. They think that just because they are conniving in the background to screw Obama to the walls at our expense that no one else is listening or cares. We are listening and counting the days. And don’t be surprised if the hand of the Republican Party is found on the very trigger that felled Stevens.

If they can engineer a world around them to blow up the World Trade Center and blame it on Iraq, then make stealth moves to kill Americans over a “terrorist” attack that was organized by Bush and his compatriots, AND start an illicit and unnecessary war, then the kill in Benghazi must have been really easy for them.

To take Stevens’ life in GOP-driven terrorist attack and then point the finger at Obama for what they had done says all it needs to say about how their only missive in the USA is to “steal, kill, and destroy” when it comes to everyone except rich white guys and their families and close connections.

Read the Playbook.

They started a war against Iraq that was really a war against America in 2001. They repeat the exact same words nearly verbatim that were railed on them at the time for this ill-conceived war. They use a weak “copy-and-paste” documentation technique, replacing keywords on their own political actions against the American people. They might BE Americans, but they don’t represent AMERICA. At All.

They cut’n’paste, and simply replace “Bush” with “Obama”; and “Iraq” with “Benghazi”; and “Cheney” with “Clinton (Hillary)”; and “Rumsfeld” with “(Harry) Reid”; and toss Nancy Pelosi in the pot every now and then, with Pelosi having ‘faded to white’ this election year.

And there are Black folk out here falling for it.

The GOP, too lazy to come up with their own research, documentation, and verbiage and use it correctly and in context, reuse ours and parlay it into anything they can do to hurt Obama, us and the rest of the nation “by any means necessary.”

Every single one of their so-called “Obama Administration scandals” has no merit, and for what were President Obama’s own mishaps on his watch, he acted quickly to apologize.

It doesn’t amaze me in the least how many of us Black folk will quickly accept an apology from Paula Deen and Donald Sterling before we will Barack Obama; but then again, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Medgar Evers didn’t die without some CERTAIN Black folks’ hands somewhere on the trigger, either.

Marcus Garvey’s own downfall was mostly due to the very people he was trying to help. We have self-imploded and all the GOP needs is the next Black man who is willing to step up to the plate and take another Black man out, something we’ve been prone to for a very long time.

The GOP has never in its history been a “friend” to Black people, and neither, really, has the Democratic Party.

However, the Dems, of the Boston Democratic Order ‘up north’, went above and beyond to make amends for the sins of the past. The GOP never got a round tuit.

Obama’s got his own enemies, as well as theirs.

Those who accuse him of being a “corporate shill” for The Man and “not Black enough” to understand the plight of Black people whose ancestors were slaves in America. Spoon-feeding and butt-cleaning the poop of whiners seems to be his specialty nowadays. He has had to make some very hard choices, choices that cost him dearly, and that we ourselves could not make under the same circumstances. All we can do, when they do it to us, is quit. He doesn’t have the luxury.

Honestly, the uproar of the Black community over “gay marriage” was the least of our worries.

Anyone who has read the Bible and calls themselves a man or woman of God, or a Christian, knows full well that the United States is the scriptural “Great Whore of Babylon.” That message came through loud and clear in the early 1980s, and we should be well over the direction that the USA was headed before Barack Obama ever thought about running for President.

Maybe Obama needs to be written back into office for a third time so he can be the first third-term President and first third-term one-term President in American history, the Electoral College be danged; just to make up for the past eight years of political sabotage and obstruction by the Republican Party and their Blue-Dog ‘brothers-from-another-mother’.

Yeah, your vote does count, indeed. If it didn’t, they wouldn’t be threatening to kill us over it. You pull out a gun on a voter, you are BIG TIME scared. But, all of this “Obama sabotage and obstruct” could have been avoided in 2010.

When I told A. Black Voter that, all he said was “Well, I don’t think he should have it easy. The GOP should stay there to give him some competition and a run for his money.”

Hell, they certainly gave you a run for YOUR money–and it doesn’t sound like the Black ‘community’ is real happy with the decision they made to leave the GOP in place in 2010 just to “give HIM some competition,” as if this was all about “HIM” in the first place.

I told A. Black Voter “Tell you what, when he leaves office, he and his wife and family are going to be just fine. They are set for life. Since the GOP was allowed to use Obama to tell you what they think about ni&&ers, period, you’ll be the ones left with all the problems they caused when he’s gone in 2017 — and we’ll all be right back where we were in early 2008.”

But A. Black Voter is the same kind of man that I told in the 1980s to be real careful about kissing GOP arss, or the Republican Party would have them back on the plantations again.

That time is here and now, and it’s called The Prison Industrial Complex, spearheaded and co-signed by a few Black folks of the same ilk that would have set up Malcolm X and then fell out the door crying that “they” killed Malcolm X. No. Those who don’t take responsibility for what they’ve done themselves killed Malcolm X, and all of the others.

It’s Rope-a-Dope Time: only this time, which dope will we rope?

November 2014: The only time in America when we have the given legal power to actually “fire” Congress.

In the meantime, if the above isn’t enough to tell Black people that Obama is no “corporate shill” nothing else will cut it for us. He does what he has to do to keep people employed regardless of the obstruction, that’s about as far as it goes with him and corporations.

If his D.C. policies are so all-fired corporate-friendly, then the only thing left to surmise is that Obama is treated the same way they treat every other Black person in this nation who is a corporate shill — sabotage, obstruct, and defeat (‘steal, kill and destroy’–John 10:10) just to prove that Black people are, in effect, the utter total failures that they say we are.

A win for them this round, this November 2014, means that they are absolutely right about that; and I don’t mind going on record to say so.

The End.

UPDATE 6/9/2014: Since this was written, the GOP and their constituents have used their “owned internet” enterprises to purge the online community of the proof that they were trying to kill Obamacare and provided no viable options. Now that it has gained popularity and there is a pushback against them this election year, they are working overtime to purge the evidence. But we were there and we saw every bit of it from the very beginning. If they want to do something, they will make the necessary laws that demand that every state IN this country expand medicaid to ALL citizens who make or get less than $50k a year automatically, PERIOD. UNIVERSAL COVERAGE is what President Obama and all of us REAL Americans asked for in the first place. Get ‘er done.


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