Walking with Cavemen,” a BBC-originated Netflix documentary on the story of the origins of white people, is very interesting. In their own dramatic story-telling manner, they talk about the origins of themselves, their European ancestors, that is, from the family of apes of 300,000 years ago.

But their history as “upright man’ can only be traced back about 6,000-12,000 years ago, so many of them say.

Given that the jury is still out on the origins of white people, let’s take a short look at Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Yakubian theory. He says that he can ‘prove’ a story that he was told by Elijah Muhammad, and that white people/Europeans were actually created by a Black scientist by the name of Yakub/Yacub, if you will, on the Isle of Patmos, Greece, a place that white people themselves refer to as the “Jerusalem” of the Aegean.

The gist of Farrakhan’s story is that Ya[k]ub began experimenting on African people by using a chemical concoction of some kind that included a discovery of his called the OCA-2 gene. Now, let the records show that they were touting about this theory years before the scientists came to their conclusions about the genome called “albinism.”

In doing so, he says, Yakub came out of his testing environments with a nearly milky-white human being that we now know as “Albinos.”

The scientist would then take these African-featured Albino children and mix them with their darker ancestors and eventually, over time, the color-coding got around to making lighter and lighter-complected people, ranging from all the way from brown to red to yellow and eventually the lighter-skinned people, to a nearly milk-white one that had different features than the darker ones, and a weakened hair texture that “fell down” rather than held up under stressors.

Another version of “how did white people get here?” from their European origins as Caucasians seems to roll along with their story about “Walking with Cavemen.”

The short of it is that some very dark-skinned Africans left the continent and ventured northward, up and into the Caucasus Mountains above Turkey.

Eventually, over a long period of time…guessing that 12,000 years, more or less…their complexion ‘lightened up’ and they started losing the majority of melanin in their skin. They do still have some traces of melanin, but they soon lost the ability to reproduce other dark-skinned babies because of the genetic coding changes.

Those DNA changes not only lightened and whitened their skin color, but “straightened” their hair. They lost the twist, or the “kink” of their previous Black ancestors. That seems reasonable, if one considers that it is possible for two Black people to reproduce a white baby (some Albino in their ancestral genes), but two white people cannot reproduce a Black, or even a considerably dark child, without race-mixing with another darker-skinned person.

Mitochondrial Eve

“Mitochondrial” Eve

Either way this story goes, we now have scientific evidence on hand that there was a “Mitochondrial Eve” who lived more than 200,000 years ago, as depicted here. Biblically or scientifically, no one argues that the thousands and millions of species of plants, animals, fish and birds were here before anyone.

By now, we all know or have heard the story of the origins of humankind on the planet, known as Adam (‘First Man’) and Eve (‘Living’). Both are Hebrew names, and Black people are, indeed, the first Semitical/Hebrew people known to mankind.

There are some serious doubts, bone fragments or no bone fragments, that Black people or white people came from “apes,” per se. However, the characteristic parallels between the two (man and ape) are truly something to mull over. We happen to know that there are plenty of white people who would rather link themselves to apes than to their historical original progenitors — Black African people. (Hell, they even had to make themselves a couple of television show series to put themselves back in the White House until Obama is gone, lol.)

They trace their origins back to “Lucy,” the Ape of All Apes -a cave-dwelling upright walking creature-  and a great many of Black people believe that our own story is much different, with the evidence to back it up.

The gist of their story is that if they did root from those caves in the frozen tundras of the north and then eventually ventured westward through the already-civilized world in the north and far east, then winded into the hotter south and west, and ultimately into and through their own self-branded civilized world through Greece and Rome, having picked up on the mathematical and alphabetical lessons and science taught to them by Black people in northern Africa and the Far East along the way, then Louis Farrakhan and Elijah Muhammad’s story about their Yakubian creation is absolutely correct.

White people in “Dwelling with Cavemen” say that their root-bearing ‘cousins’ lived in Africa. Now things start to make sense, sans the loose threads still dangling on the rest of this mystery.

That we, our African ancestors that is. were created from the dust of the ground (the rich fertile Black soil of the Upper Nile Valley) by Jehovah/Allah/God Himself, about a quarter of a million years ago, is pretty much written in stone. Seriously.

There are some Black people of the atheistic ilk who prefer to say that they, too, originated with apes; but the Black people who did NOT come from apes were absolutely the firstfruits of humankind. Believed to be the oldest civilization on the planet, the modern Chinese have done their own experiments that point the way home to the out of Africa theory, as well.

Oh yes, most definitely, nearly all scientists are now officially pointing to Africa and saying “All humans came from there.”

Chinese are Black people, too.

The Origins of the Chinese People

The story of Gondwanaland and then eventually Alkebulan, the original name for Africa, does provide some historic information as to the development of the continent of Africa, and the people of that Dark Continent. There is no learned person -by now- who will not acknowledge that every living species on the planet did, in fact, originate in Africa. As a matter of note: Some Black people do refer to white people as “Them supra-light Negroes.”

Here is where these seemingly different stories converge, in the whole “Out of Africa” theory.

In the more likely and provable scientific creation story of Black people, or the ape-story of science and white people, the fact remains that DNA-wise, white people were not on the Planet Earth until long after Black people (and the apes) had been here, ruled, reigned, and “got bored” enough to start thinking they were god-like enough to start creating other human beings. If white people did come from apes, as they say they did, their ancestors were still some very dark ones.

Another side note: If the “Yakubian” story of the OCA-2 gene scientific experimentation is true, then there is no longer an argument about how “race”-ism got started. It definitely originated with a Black man, a scientist by the name of same.

So, that said, where are our Netflix movies, our HULU stories and documentaries, or our well-put-together ‘as found’ histories that piece together the rightful and true origins of African people, our baseline original ancestors? We still bear the label of “African-American” to this day.

Our ancestors, who were created by Jehovah/God/Allah, from the “dust” of the Upper Nile Valley in Africa came into the world as upright-walking forward-thinking Kings and Queens, and also as brother-to-brother hand-to-hand slaves, and as mathematicians, scientists, builders and engineers, and as field workers and metallurgists, that much is certain. The scrolls of our ancestors that were translated from Hebrew into Latin and then eventually English say so.

Our African/Black ancestors are also the inventors of the modern alphabet from hieroglyphics on stone tablets as well as the Arabic-to-Roman numbering system that we still use today as the basis of all study and schools of thought. This is not out of alignment with the words of scriptures.

Where Black people have to be very careful, as we dig through and discover the truth about our own Black origins and history, is that the white people who tell of their own cave-dwelling beginnings also teach that their brains and ideas were ‘superior to’ their African cousins; but that truly depends on what part of Africa they landed in first. In the beginning of the end, when the trans-Atlantic slave trade, the Diasporas, started, the northern and eastern Africans who had migrated south and west on the Great Continent, did get into the mix. And we are truly now living in The Times of the Gentiles, which will not last much longer.

The Beginnings of the Semitic/Hebrew People

Where was Eden located?

Apparently, they did not first land in Egypt or Ethiopia, where “The Garden of Eden” would have been located in the antiquities of previous world history. And they definitely did not come out of Judah, by any stretch of the imagination.

If they had landed in northern Africa first, they would know that science was already as technologically advanced as it was going to get at the time.

Those northern and far eastern Africans had already built monuments and pyramids before ‘Habilus’ could count. Africans had already made more complicated and sophisticated tools of work and harvest, as well as hunting and fishing, long centuries before Habilus and their people had a clue what a stone tool was.

For Bible-believers, or even scripture-mongers who doubt the authenticity of ‘the Bible’ as translated by King James or the Latin Vulgate, the rest of this story is a wrap.

It’s past time to get back to those roots and “untwist.” Unwind and set the records straight.

Haile Selassie: The Missing Link of Black America

Emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie “The Lion of the Tribe of Judah”

We can no longer afford, nor do we have the time, to let others control the conversations about us. Until the Lion tells his own side of the story, the regalia belongs to the hunter.

Our African heritage and inheritance from the Root and Fruit of All Humanity can only and best be told by ourselves, by our own historians.


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