There is but one Caveat regarding the Trumpitis that has overwhelmed American jurisprudence, and that is that President Barack Obama, in this hour, does not seem to be the least bit worried about Trump’s deep dark need to destroy his legacy — probably because he can’t.

Trump trying to destroy Obama’s legacy is not a reflection on Obama, it’s a reflection of his attitude; and the more he does it, the crappier he looks to everyone except himself.

As we move into Year Two of the even less-likelier chance that Trump will be impeached and convicted of all of the various crimes that he and his cronies have committed over the past year -let alone the ones that were part and parcel of their existence in the years prior- one thing is certain above all else, President Obama CLEANED HOUSE during the eight years He lived in the White House and worked out of the Oval Office.

Obama handled serious “bidness,” and when Trump got there, he really had nothing TO do. It had all been done, so all Trump had left to do was steal, kill, and destroy, and play golf – reverse Obama’s policies, lest he appears to actually not have a job left besides bringing the swamp he swore to drain along with him.

One thing wypipo can’t stand about Black people is that once we do catch on to something, we do a much better job at nearly everything, and usually at half the price. We’re always the timesavers and money savers of the universe, nothing is left to over-analyzing; and that comes because we root back to the beginnings of the Planet Earth, which means there is very little that is hard for us once we figure it all out.

There is one more special caveat – Special Counsel Robert Mueller might actually get something done this year, but that investigation went dead silent toward the end of 2017, with former Obama AG Eric Holder having what appeared to be “the last word” about any possibility of Mueller being expurgated from the investigations.

There was a meme floating around Facebook, where Donald John -who once actually DID say (been vetted) that he would have picked Oprah for a presidential running mate back in the day- is said to have been interviewed by People magazine in 1998 and stated that if he were to run for President, he would run on the Republican Party ticket because the voters of that party are stupid and listen to things like “FOX” news…

Trump's People 1998

Trump “People” bogus 1998 magazine interview

But it’s like the old Willie Lynch letter about how to “buck break” Black folks that some historians have determined to be a bogus claim. While it may be that Trump did not say what was printed as an actual magazine interview … he may as well have done so, because the idea behind the bogus “1998 People magazine” meme is that it’s totally true in size and spirit. Moment of truth: Even people who don’t believe in God know that the underlying stories in The Big Book have some kind of truth that adheres to the tales “as old as time.”


If Trump actually had said it, it is the only reliable thing on which we could have stated in this hour that he is a total genius, because that meme will succeed even if Trump never does. Sooner or later, he has to leave office and/or die, and that meme will be here long after it’s proven to be truer than we could ever believe or hope.

In the meantime, just the thought that Trump can compare Kim Jong Un’s “nuclear button size” to his own questionable ‘Depends’-ish endowments in his underpants is not what anyone should consider intelligent or presidential, not by A LONG SHOT. Without that ONE excuse, and make no mistake about it, “People 1998 meme” is his ONLY excuse for his behaviors, Trump is not only demented and delusional and flowing in dementia, but he’s totally fried.

The very idea that Trump may be behind a total ruse to crash the Republican Party, ditch it from the inside out, and pretend he’s stupid enough to say racist and misogynist shit like they do on FOX news -just to throw the white supremacist trash that follows after him relishing it all under a bus- is sheer supreme genius on his part, all on its own.

It is the ONLY thing that would make even me, after all this time, call him, Trump, “President”; and it is the only thing that could possibly change my position and attitude to “that emeffer is TRULY a REAL genius, and a helluva lot smarter than we thought he was.”

Cuz he DID that sh*+ -whether he intended to do it or not, it’s done…ROTFLMBBAO!!!



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