Genesis: Tony Brown’s Journal “The Renewal of the Black Civilization That Followed the Ancient World”


Remember Tony Brown? Maybe only if you’re as old as I am.

Brown had a very popular television show amongst Black Americans, and quite a few whites, back in the mid-1970s.

Here is the way he is officially described online:
William Anthony “Tony” Brown is an American journalist, academian, comedian and businessman. He is best known as the commentator of the long running syndicated television show, Tony Brown’s Journal. Brown is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.



Brown has recently resurfaced and wants to continue the talks of the time and the Black & Conscious community with his time-lapsed findings on the origin and destruction of Black civilization.

However, it is not Black civilization that is destined for ultimate destruction…that was only temporary. It is the western world and this nation, the United States of America, that many have come to realize is the actual “Great Whore of Babylon” that the Bible describes to us in very plain, clear, and convincing language.

I find it somewhat disturbing, however prophetic it is, that so many Black people these days -particularly Black women, known to this day as the most “spiritual” (or most “religious”) people in the United States, I daresay in the whole world -are becoming atheist.

Atheist as in “I don’t believe in God,” and “I don’t believe there is a God.” Or even as in “The God you claim to believe in is nothing more than an imaginary friend for adults.” As if one would have to have the mind of a child playing with an invisible buddy in order to believe in God.

Part (MOST) of that current conversation about atheism belongs to the history of racism and white people on the planet; the other part belongs to the genome of an ape they call “Lucy,” said to be the founder of the white man’s beginnings on Earth.

It is often said and believed that “D. White Mann” was the one who invented this “God.” This “God then ordered them to take over the world through some self-proclaimed manifest destiny based on their white skin, which they were commanded to use to “lord it over” Black people, or at least to totally ignore them as if they don’t exist. Or as if they did not exist prior to being “discovered” by white skin.

The Black Civilization that followed the Ancient World was the same Black civilization that preceded it — in whatever myriad colors we came in.

As the world progressed, this “god,” many atheists say, was used to beat Black people of the darker complexion with the distinctly African features down. This “god” also allegedly demanded that white skin capture, enslave, murder/lynch, and/or turn Black skin into permanent human capital by plunging their lands, pillaging their women and children, by usurping their identities, and then by telling all other white skinned people the world over that Black people are a lazy and useless ‘monkey-bred’ type of people made for only two things: To serve white man or die; or to serve white man AND THEN DIE.

I watch Black people, especially those in America who are so easily deceived, slowly fade into a white-oriented basic disbelief in God that is even more egregious than the white-oriented lie that speaks of a “god” who meant for Black people to do and be nothing other than a white man’s “dawg” and “nigga” and “bitch” for life.


We -as ‘a people who do not know we are a people’- truly need to get a grip on the truth about ourselves. We need to get a grip on our WORLD history before slavery, our genetics and DNA, our scientific holdings, our geological and geographical landholdings, and our mineral wealth and resources, as well as our true work ethic. We need to bring DECISIVE closure. once and for all. to the stories that we are still piecing together.

That which closes the door on the lies is the Bible itself, for it is truly the “Black History Book” of the world. It tells us where our BLACK ancestors came from, why we are where we are now, and even where we are going from here.

This is not said in order to advance any sort of made up “reverse” racism, this is said for the cause of the WAY GOD CREATED THE WORLD. From its Genesis, from its very Beginning, the Black Man and Woman always was and always will be, in spite of white skin’s efforts to mute and destroy us.

Let the mystery and the history of it all unfold, and let the confusion cease.

White people have stolen everything we have and hold dear. They have a long and storied history of usurping and taking advantage of that which did not belong to them in the first place. Godliness amongst Black men and women is the very last frontier that they need to capture; and today’s so-called mega-churches, owned by the big banks and their fleecing flock, are helping them to do just that.

Our own God, our own spirituality, our own religions which originated with our ancestors and they pillaged and used against us happened in the same manner in which our lands and mineral wealth was defalcated. This is up to and including the still-enslaved capital of our mentality and the plight of our souls.

Every religion on the planet originated with Black people in African lands, beginning in ancient Mesopotamia and Persia. These Black-based religions include Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Hinduism, as well as many others of pagan origins in Egypt and Ethiopia.

Black Man is the originating source and wellspring of all worldwide religions–true, false, otherwise, and everything in between.

Once white skin has ownership of that ginormous piece of us, of what we have known to believe in from birth -and they are working very hard to get at it- that is the end of all endings.

This conquest, for our souls and to reign over our beliefs and hearts, signals the last and FINAL death knell for Black people around the world. It is the completion of that which entangles, ensnares and entraps us. Along with everything that they have already taken that belonged to our ancestors and was ours by blood inheritance, they will not stop until they own even our kindred trust in the One and Only True God and Savior of All Things and Judge of All Men, Maker of All Heaven and Earth, as it was In the Beginning and now and ever shall be, world without end. For some, our beliefs are easily ended by personal events and worldwide gross misconduct and actions taken against us AS A RACE OF PEOPLE.

In a nutshell – and this is going to offend some people because of the blatant unabashed manner in which it is spoken, so take it as a metaphor and calm down –

“God created Man, Man created white man, God made white man the bane of Man’s moral and physical existence for Man’s blatant attempt to usurp His authority in the world (through utter disobedience) … and the natural result of that was death.”

Yes, knowing ABSOLUTELY everything forces us to accept responsibility for things and to make decisions that were are thoroughly unequipped to handle.

To this day, every book, every movie script, every song, everything we do and think about is “Good vs Evil,” and it is more than obvious that we have ZERO answers to the many dilemmas that we face by declaring ourselves god over God Almighty.

Martin Luther King Jr
King Maker: A man is a martyr and a god. Westminster Abbey, England

That is the entire story of the Bible inside, out, upside down, through and through. No matter who says what, we are not “gods,” and we were never meant to be “gods,” but were Made in the Image OF God. [Genesis 1.]

Yet rather than be the children of God, made In His Image, our most ancient of ancient ancestors, Eve and Adam, decided they wanted to be GOD HIMSELF.

That quest has never ended for whites or for Blacks, who use the copy of Egypt and Rome/Greece to do the same. Whites use it to own the world, Blacks use it to prove themselves “above it all.”

Yet, the scriptures also tell us that “No longer will it be said in the land that the fathers eat sour grapes and the children’s teeth are set on edge.” – Jer 31 and Ez 18. In other words, this cannot last forever. This, too, shall pass.

Eve and Adam voluntarily ate of the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil,” the ONLY one they were told not to touch. They did it simply because the enemy of their/our souls called God a liar and said they would NOT die, but that God just did not want them to KNOW everything He knew. The Lord God was giving them an education in how to be the keepers of the world and it simp;y wasn’t enough for them. The enemy insinuated, in a way, that God was jealous of them. We now know that that was never true; but to this day, LOVE is still often explained through the psychology and pathology of jealousy.

We now know that God was not hiding anything from us, as the enemy told the newly-minted couple. The Lord God never told them not to touch or eat of the “Tree of Life,” and both of the trees were right there for the taking.

CHOICES. #needtoknowbasis

Even Cain tried to “hide from God” after committing the first act of ‘black on black’ crime known to mankind. It’s been on ever since, in one ungrateful and hateful and unloving unjustified act after another. However, rightly is it said “Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.”

Man’s dynamic quest to consistently be god, to define himself as a god, and to obtain and manifest all the supernatural and metaphysical powers that ‘a god’ of any kind would be accorded, is directly in line with what the Bible says about how we got in this mess of a world in the first place — and it is in line with what the scriptures tell us will be our ending.

The Bible explains ALL of this is absolute detail and it closes all loops, gaps and alleged “mysteries” about who God is and what He intended for us from the very Beginning (Genesis). It also lets us know beyond a shadow of a doubt that mankind/humanity is going to set itself on self-destruct mode, and white man has been driving that ill-fated ship for a very long time. Last but not least, the scriptures let us know that mankind will not be ALLOWED to utterly destroy itself before this is a wrap.

Those who are of the Tribe who do not believe and who take the mark of the beast will be uprooted and cast away; and those NOT of the Tribe will be engrafted in their place, because of their belief in the Son of God as the ultimate Resolver.

Michael Jackson, when asked what he thought of President Obama’s election in 2009, stated shortly before he died the following June: “Man is not in control of anything. Only God.”

In the scriptures, we begin to understand how it is that “Lucifer Son of the Morning” and a former archangel, attempted to overthrow the Kingdom of God in a coup to take it over. The same way white skin violent attempts to overthrow Blacks around the world today; to make himself a “god” of his own race and violent nature unto himself. In the scriptures, we also begin to understand why it is that white skin is the only entity in existence on the planet who feels such a great and overwhelming need to “own” or take over the world and every inch of land on it.


The westernized mythologies, superstitions, and Easternized pagan, mysticized and hedonistic gods have often been used to explain the Black man’s belief or disbelief in THE Almighty God Most High. Even the Eurocentric “white jesus” is a myth with a Latin-translated-to-English name (‘Hey-sus’) that did not come from the Hebrews of the antiquities. The Latin translation of “hey-sus” is “of the suidae,” a wild animal, a pig, or a boar of some kind. Jesus is not even a proper ENGLISH translation, as the Savior’s name would have translated in English to JOSHUA. That name -JOSHUA- does not mean “wild pig,” it means “God is salvation.”

There was a time, after the Great Flood/Deluge, that Africa was known as The Continent of Gods, and it was also known as “The Dark Continent,” because there was nothing on it or in it BUT dark-skinned peoples. At NO time, NONE WHATSOEVER, did a white man ever create or fabricate a god OF ANY KIND for a Black man to worship — and as with everything else, they stole the Black man’s God, or “other fictional gods,” even the made up ones in Egypt and Ethiopia.

In the book of Genesis, the love of God was implicit and implied complete in itself.

Man was made to live forever and Black people around the world are the only indication of that fact. The ancestors who manage to live past 100 in these times are nearly all, if not all, who give us a hint or a clue that we were not meant to die, ever. Really, we weren’t even supposed to AGE.

God’s decision, based on man(kind’s) decision to BE God or “greater than” God rather than to obey God and live in eternal peace and prosperity, has sent us/our humanity on a whirlwind decline as a race of people for the last 7,000 – 12,000 years. That is around the time white people showed up on the planet.

Man (Black Man) existed on this planet for more than 250,000 years. The more their archaeologists and scientists dig for information and facts and evidence, the Blacker the ancient civilizations get. White man is actually new to this planet and not a godly force in it. It wasn’t supposed to be about race, but because of disobedience, it now is.

No matter whether you believe that white skin transmutated over a period of time after separating from his African forefathers and mothers (from a pre-diluvian one-piece world once known as Gondwana or “Gondwanaland,” by genetic means); or whether you believe that white man was created by the method of “skin-striping” by a mad Black scientist named Yaquub (i.e., Yakub), (Louis Farrakhan/Elijah Muhammad) what we do know beyond a shadow of a doubt is that they were not here from In The Beginning. We also know that WE did not come from monkeys and that “Lucy” was not our ancestor, but may have been theirs.

Their entire existence on the Earth, by whatever means, has brought Man (Black culture the world over) nothing more than sickness, pain, dishonor, despair, loss, hatred, and confusion; as well as the truth not only about death — but about the myriad violent ways in which death now comes to the world.

There was a video on YouTube that has now been shut down and purged called “The Violent European Mind.” It is not an American-made film, but take careful note that even as the westernized propaganda machine spins away uncontrolled about Muslims and terrorism in the Arabic world, that at the same time, any and all references to the basic root of that terrorism –as it was instigated in the Violent European Mind and his own self-styled “manifest destiny” –has been expunged from the same Internet. You can’t find it any more, but it was there and a lot of people saw it and watched it.

IF you believe that America is “free” and protected from academic and righteous censorship, think again.

I also find it even more egregious that after absolutely everything that has been taken from Black people, from the Black woman in particular; and of everything that she was ultimately stripped of -even her very own children out of her very own womb- and after every pain and suffering and loss that has been placed upon her against her will … that there is now a faction of other BLACK people out here, as well as whites, who are hell-bent on “God-shaming” the spiritual or “religious” Black woman out of the only Entity left on the planet whom she knows LOVES her even when no one and nothing else does.

Now that she has lost it all, let’s also (some think) take away her “Jesus.” Her “jesus” is the one who caused all of our problems as Black people in the world anyway.

The faction that demands she “lose the jesus trip” also demands that we beg and bow down to white supremacy, even in its atheist state. “Just pray and everything will be alright” becomes “Don’t pray and things will get much better.” As if… exchanging one religion for another is the answer to all of our issues as Black people. The Black woman seems to be the metaphorical “mule of the world” that she has often been told she is. Damned if she does, damned if she does not. She now finds herself faced with the same decision as the Mother of All Humanity in the Great Garden was faced with: CHOOSE YE THIS DAY WHOM YE SHALL SERVE.

The question: “Is God a liar, a lie, or is He the Absolute Truth?” is still in our midst to this day, as it was in The Garden back then. The more things change, the more they stay the same.


It’s long past time to UNTWIST ourselves from this lying wonder of a self-righteous narrative about God. It is time to UNTWIST from it, whether inside or outside of England’s Church of Rome or its long-term resulting “mega-church” mentality of today.

God existed long before Rome, so Rome could not have made up God. If anyone “made up” God, it was Black people themselves.

The Roman Empire knew nothing of God or that religion referred to as “christianity” until it was taught to them by a Black Jewish man out of Jerusalem (apostle) by the name of Paul, formerly known as ‘Saul’. Paul, born in Tarsus (Greece), and raised in Rome under Jewish tradition, was the one who was chosen to spread the gospel because he was the MOST qualified to do so.

The Romans chose to taint what they had been taught with their own myths and pagan beliefs and traditions, and that is what the slaves of westernized America ended up with. That version of “christianity,” however, was tainted in Rome. It is not what came out of Jerusalem, and it was not what Paul actually taught during his travels around Greece and Asia Minor, or Rome.

Like Barack Obama, the Apostle Paul was the “everyman’s man.”

He was polished, educated, sophisticated, well-scholared, and highly tutored and trained in all of the arts and sciences. He had traveled the world over and grew up under many different types of influences during the merging of the worlds before there was a European white skin-dominated West. He knew just about everyone, was highly respected in Rome and Greece, was a part of the many converging worlds that existed during his time, and he came close to knowing just about everything there was to know at the time. Whether you choose to believe Paul’s story about traveling to Damascus, Syria, and being “smote blind” by the Savior Himself on his way to “kill Christians” is an allegory or whether you believe it is the absolute truth, Paul absolutely did exist.

However, unlike some believed him to be, Paul was not the founder of the Catholic Church, or of the Church of Rome.

The oddest thing about Rome and the religion commonly known as Christianity is that many scholars of the Fall of the Roman Empire state that Christianity was one of the top 10 reasons for its decline and fall.

It is said that the religion of christianity brought about the ‘decline of moral values’ in Rome, which they state as a large matter that led to its ultimate demise. Yet, even a white man that I spoke with about this matter stated that Christianity was not one of the causes of the fall of the Roman Empire. It was the WAY Christianity came to Rome, cloaked in a heretical lie. It was what happened to christianity during the translation that caused moral values to decline, not the religion itself.

Those lies are what Black folk received, and those lies are still being taught to this day. It isn’t christianity that is to blame, it is the poisoning of it as it made its way through Rome and into the ultimate hands of England’s biggest criminals, whores, thieves, and murderers. That Roman whoredom of the Hebrew scriptures is what we have been taught as truth.

It translated into our lives via a western nation that claims its prideful and arrogant foundations as ROOTED in and modeled after the Roman Empire (except for Louisiana, which was run mostly by the French). The Christianity that we got from the western world is not now the same form of Christianity (Acts 11:26) that left Antioch or came out from Jerusalem on the shoulders of our ancient scribes and ancestors, the converted Hebrews (i.e., “the children of Israel”).

It is long overdue and past time to make sense and bring full circle what we have always known, as well as what we are just now discovering … the ABSOLUTE TRUTH about Black people -our ancient ancestors- AND the One and Only God who created us all.

He is the One and Only Most High God, even our Lord and Savior, who took [MANLY] responsibility for the manifold and various sins of the world, and of our forefathers, though He was guilty of no sins or crimes Himself. There was no crime in Him, except for the creation of man and the love that He tried to give us that somehow, for whatever reason, has never been good enough for us.

Yes, like our children often are, we tend to be ungrateful, and we tend to want to blame God for everything that has gone wrong in the world when it is really no one’s fault except our own. What we allow, God allows. When we end it, it will end.

In the meantime…

It is past time to get out of the psychological and spiritualist playpen and join the rest of the mature and truth-bearing adults who KNOW there is a God. The ones who know there is a One and Only God, and have NO doubt about it-even if they can’t definitively explain exactly how they know it.

Now comes the time to recognize it all for what it is and UNTWIST ourselves from the westernized ‘post-traumatic slave syndrome’.

My book ““Untwist: Living the Love-filled Spiritual Life” is due to be released soon. Love –heart strong agape love– has been defined and fulfilled once and for all–from the very Genesis (nucleus) to its dramatic Revelation end.

The wicked man is set up for the ultimate day of destruction (Job 21:30); and those who are close to Him shall become still closer, even as those who fall away will fall farther away as The Time draws near.



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