For the First Time in History, Private Prisons Facing Class-Action for Treating Inmates like Slaves

by | Mar 28, 2017 | Education and Imprisonment | 0 comments

Private prisons have been using jails as plantations since inception but now for the first time in history they are facing a class action law suit. Former President Barak Obama directed the Department of Justice to stop using private prisons and of course Trump stomped in trying to reverse Obama’s order. Why does Trump care about the use of private prisons? Because most private prisons are in bed with wealthy people like himself.

Since Trump has entered the White House Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.) has been running rampant and private prison stock is soaring. What does I.C.E. have to Trump reversing Barak’s order to no longer use private prisons?  Immigrant inmates were being paid $1 a day or sometimes nothing at all and if they refused to work, they were threatened with solitary confinement. This is one of the reasons for the lawsuit, human rights violations.

The Denver Contract Detention Facility being sued for human rights violations are also facing labor violation charges. Hopefully this law suit will lead to the destruction of private prisons.

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