EMIY Hosts National RESPECT Day 2018 in Detroit


Encourage Me I’m Young: Annual National Respect Day 2018
Detroit, MI – December 25, 2017 – There is a saying taken from scripture, “The thief cometh not but for to steal, kill and destroy.” Millions of dollars seem to run like water through the fingers to that certain thief, while almost no dollars appear to be made available to HEAL, BUILD, and RESTORE.

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On April 6, 2018, EMIY (“Encourage Me, I’m Young”), Inc., will partner with other supportive area organizations to seek to change the narrative across the stratosphere of the United States by “speaking life” -and life more abundantly– as well as healing and motivational encouragement to America’s young Black men across the nation by hosting its annual RESPECT Day: Operation Nation. Themed as “respect for myself, respect for you, respect for us, respect for our families and communities”, this is a day of civil and in-service focus on burying hate and raising respect from within, one young Black man at a time. [ http://emiyworld.com/respect-day-2/ ]

Calvin Mann, one of the founders of the Michigan-based non-profit has his own humble roots based in an attitude of respect for the younger generations of Black youth around the nation. Fortunate enough to be raised in a large family of several generations of two-parent homes with a negligible amount of divorces, Mann’s groundbreaking EMIY initiative is focused on the restoration and stabilization of two-parent families in Black America, of which he knows the root rests and abides with young Black men being taught how to be good fathers before they become one.


Says Mann “We grew up in an environment of instilled respect, where our ancestors and elders did not have to rely on public systems in order to speak life to our children. They did it because it was the right thing to do. They understood how to build a future and future generations for ages to come even though they knew they would not be alive to see it all come to pass.”

Good decisions may not always be fun or comfortable to live with, but EMIY is self-gauged to help others understand that good choices must be made, even in moments of lack and discomfort. America has no lack of antiquated “public programs” built to help white America in its charitable influences and also designated to bring Black America to heel with dependency on them in all of its dire economic despair, but hopelessness is subsequently brought to its knees when Black America turns it heart homeward bound in order to heal, build, and restore from within rather than from without.

“Encourage Me I’m Young” began as a simple inspirational quote that appeared on the team apparel of an inner city youth basketball team in Detroit, MI, and it has since launched into an altruistic mainstream lifestyle of people united to change not only the narrative, but also the global dynamic, for a united and strong coalition of Black families across the nation.


Good Fathers Only Join Our Team
EMIY INC. – Encourage Me I’m Young (EMIY) Inc., a non-profit 501c3 based in Detroit is a grassroots volunteer driven organization dedicated to legacy. We have supported, developed, and nurtured children and fathers to reach their fullest potential since 2007. We use our voice for advocacy and our passion in programs to drive our work to “build families through developing boys and encouraging fathers.”
[ http://emiyworld.com/ ].
Telephone: Calvin Mann at 313-332-3323.


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