Dwyane Wade’s Cousin Is Crowdfunding A 96% Less-Waste Refillable Deodorant

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There is so much waste in deodorant packaging, personally I hate throwing it away (even if I do put it in recyling), so this idea coming from Dwayne Wade’s cousin, Antoine Wade, is one I think is awesome and I will be watching! I makes so much sense.

The Chicago Tribune (src) wrote:

Wade launched an Indiegogo Thursday for Switch Fresh, a deodorant product that gets away from traditional twist-up stick packaging.

The patented system employs a reusable bottle that uses replaceable glide cartridges with various scents of solid deodorant and antiperspirants.

Its gender-neutral scents are named after locations: a vanilla-based antiperspirant named after Chicago’s South Loop, an apple-based antiperspirant named after New York’s TriBeCa neighborhood, and a natural unscented deodorant named after Aspen, Colo.

Users can opt to add different cartridges at each end of the container for two scent choices in one bottle. The cartridges are made by RNA Corp. in Blue Island, and the containers are made in Minnesota, Wade said.

“We wanted to add certain elements associated with particular regions. We wanted people to connect to the different scents and experiences and locations,” said Wade, who lives in Darien and operates the startup from offices at City Church Chicago, 777 N. Green St. “It gives customers opportunities to talk about the product and their interests and their selections.”

Wo what do you think of this? Watch the video below to learn more.

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