Dr Thomas Mensah Is The Inventor Of Fiber Optics, Responsible For Modern Internet! And He Created A Black Disney World!

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This is insane and interesting on many levels! The inventor of fibre optics in the USA, responsible for high speed internet being possible. He also embarked on a project creating a black and latino centered theme park which he dubbed the black disney world… WHAT?

Ghanan born chemical engineer and inventor Dr Thomas O. Mensah was part of a four man team that invented fibre optics and created a method for them to be produced. This enabled the bandwidth needed for high speed internet.

He is an awarded 7 USA and worldwide patents in fiber optics within a period of six years and on On March 20, 2015 he was inducted into the USA National Academy of Inventors.

He also helped develop the first laser guided weapons for the US Department of Defense, maybe not his finest moment but it could be seen that it also saves lives!

In a strange turn, he also had a foray into theme parks. A black and latino theme park to be exact. These parks spread across USA, Japan and other countries and he can be seen below mentioning them in the video from 2008.

The park that he dubbed black Disney World was to have black street names and history. In the end World Success Park was also Latino centered and was environmentally friendly. Right now, I can’t find any up to date info about the project! (If you have any info please let us know)


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