Colin Kaepernick Will Have his Own Exhibit at the National Museum of African American History and Culture

by | May 24, 2017 | Positivity | 8 comments

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We could talk about the double standards and racism Colin Kaepernick has faced since his peaceful protest began for hours. Although many have complained about his peaceful protest and the NFL has him on a blacklist, the National Museum of African American History and Culture will honoring him.

As the 50th Anniversary of Muhammad Ali’s refusal to enter into the draft for the Vietnam War approaches, Kaepernick will be honored near the GOAT in the museum.

Harry Edwards is the mastermind behind the “Game Charger” exhibit. Edwards is proud of Kaepernick for not allowing the media to deter him from taking a stand against prejudice and police brutality. Many would have been afraid to lose endorsements, afraid of being black balled put not Kaepernick.

 “I said, ‘Don’t wait 50 years to try to get some memorabilia and so forth on Kaepernick,’ ” Edwards told USA TODAY Sports. “ ‘Let me give you a game jersey, some shoes, a picture … and it should be put right there alongside Muhammad Ali. He’s this generation’s Ali.’ ”

Kaeparnick has been donating his time and money since the season ended to inspire change in oppressed communities.

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  1. mbattles146

    you definitely need a proof reader if you are unable to do it yourself – sad and actually disrespectful to the person you attempt to ‘honor’ with so many grammatical errors

    • Floe Simmons (GospelJunkie)

      How would you know? Your reply doesn’t look too good either. Or, maybe your uppercase, period, and comma keys are not functional.

  2. mbattles146

    you definitely need a proof reader if you are unable to do so yourself – sad and actually disrespectful toward the person you attempt to ‘honor’ with an article so full of structural and grammatical errors

    • Floe S.

      You too!

  3. Ed Cook

    Just came to see the comments from the haters.

  4. Wyatt

    Boo! This guys done nothing for anyone. He knelt. Period. He’s not preaching. He’s not anything. He’s just a dude who wanted some attention. This is disrespectful to the actual people I learned about like Martin Luther King Jr. Or Rosa Parks. You Kaepernick do not being with them ever.

    • Reneegede

      Everybody wants attention, and no one gives up millions to get it. By they time they get paid like that, they have all the attention they need.
      You won’t get much of the attention you want Kaepernick-bashing here, so please go find your 15 seconds of fame somewhere else. #Lifeis2short

  5. JJ

    You Haters can go to Hades! Kap is continuing what was started. Not many others are sticking their necks out. praises to Kap!


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