Chance the Rapper’s Plea is Ignored by Chicago Aldermen

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Despite the incredible speech Chance the Rapper gave during the alderman meeting this week things again did not fall in the favor of OUR community. Chance attempted to convince those with the power to vote for a $95 million police academy to use the $9.6 million deposit for the land on Chicago Public Schools instead of a police academy.

The city does not have the $95 million to build this state of the art police academy, they only have the money to purchase the land. So after purchasing the land the city councilmen would have then figure out how to come up with an additional $86 million. But of course the crooks in the city of Chicago voted 48 to 1 to spend .

6 million to purchase land for a facility we they don’t have the money to build while closing schools and dismantling the arts in CPS.

Despite the failing schools, the failing communities, the lack of resources in “urban” communities the mayor of the city of Chicago believe that spend $9.6 million on a police academy is more important than rebuilding  urban communities.

“Financially, this proposed plan doesn’t make sense. We don’t have $95 million. They’re just asking for $10 million today to purchase the land. But we don’t have the rest of the money to do it, so why let them go ahead with this right now? There’s a lot of different services that need to be funded,” Chance said.

“It would be awesome, though, if we could get them pools at their school or a new library or a museum or any of the things that are proposed in the budget for this million cop academy,” Chance added.


People like Chance the rapper are the people who really care about their communities not government officials. If it’s not making their pockets fatter then it doesn’t matter especially when it comes to the black community. I hope that everyone is paying attention the moves Rahm Emmanuel has been making over the last few years. The only thing he’s been effective at is closing schools in the city of Chicago.

Also Chicagoans, Westsiders, pay close attention to who voted for this facility to be built and keep that in mind when it’s time to hit the polls and vote your district aldermen and women, Rahm isn’t the only one at fault here.

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