Carson Huey-You Is The Youngest Person Every To Receive A Master Degree

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For decades, children have excelled in their classes so they could graduate early. Usually, you’ll hear of a 16-year-old graduating high school early. Sometimes you hear about a 20-year-old graduating with a Bachelor’s degree. Rarely, you’ll hear of a 17-year-old to graduate with a master’s degree, which means they already received their bachelor’s degree a few years ago.

Carson Huey-You graduated from Texas Christian University (TCU) with his master’s degree in Physics at 17-years-old, making him the youngest person to do so. To shock you a little more, he received his bachelor’s degree at 14-year-old. But, Carson doesn’t let this get to his head. He values his academic abilities but tells people he’s just a regular kid who likes playing video games with his 14-year-old brother, Cannan, who is enrolled at TCU as an electrical engineering major with hopes of becoming an astronaut.

Carson plans to get his Ph.D. at TCU but is also taking a bit of a break for now to set his plans. He states that he’s most grateful for his support system, especially his mother, who’s supported him every day and pushed him to do his best, even when he was the shortest kid in the class. He is also proud of his nerd status because he believes that nerds will one day rule the world.


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