How Carlos Ramos Left A Question Mark Behind The “Win” of Naomi Osaka


Yes, Serena Williams did have a mini-tantrum on a known bumbling umpire by the name of Carlos Ramos for pulling a penalty on her for what appeared to be no real reason except that she was about to win – AGAIN.

Yes, Williams later apologized for it and tried to be a good sport by acknowledging Naomi Osaka’s “win,” but what this umpire – who is said to have tired of the fittest of all tennis champion winners winning – did is put a severe question mark behind Naomi Osaka’s win by basically doing what all of his kind do – cheat.

After the dust settled in Flushing Meadows at the Arthur Ashe Stadium on this past Saturday, the fall-out still remains.

The ump’s faulty decision, which was upheld by the Open Commission by the way, is the default matter that opens the door to whether or not Osaka could have won if he had not made a bad decision on her behalf. Without that ump’s bad decision, maybe the case is that Osaka was losing and would have lost.

Of course, the fact that Serena Williams may be a little “flighty” right now during her post-partum days, yes, which affect even women in superb physical health, she took to her Instagram account calm and cuddly with her year-old daughter.

Always Some Media Idiot Around With Something Bad to Say About Her

If it isn’t Serena’s hair, her outfits, or the fact that she loudly called a flub on an umpire who obviously deserved it, someone is always finding fault with things even as simple as the way she lives her life.

Some unscrupulous crud even had the unmitigated gall to post a racist drawing of Serena looking like a huge giant of some kind (thus grossly re-depicting her trim and athletic well-built and conformed body) wearing a Black tutu with her mouth all open screaming and stomping like a child (not what happened in real life). Yes, the graphic was racist as hell considering that she had every right to question that call and did so loudly, as she should have — screw the $17,000.


The 23-times grand slam champion may have conceded the loss as an act of good sportswomanship, but if it took a bad umpire call for Osaka to win, the question remains on the win itself and whether or not she could have done it without a cheat call.

Wiliams and her coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, have worked together for six years, but the call was more on the Frenchman “coaching Serena from the stands” than it was on the way Serena actually played her game like the champion she is.

In order to appease them, Williams would have had to throw the game and play less than her best just to keep from garnering a 24th win, and a champ never needs to feel sorry for the opposition. Williams, ever the champion that she is, conceded the loss and said “I would rather lose than cheat.”

Yes, she would rather lose than cheat. So now the question remains regardless of Williams’ concession, did Osaka REALLY win?

That blemish of a bad umpire call is now on Osaka’s record, not Williams’es. The question will always remain about Osaka’s skills and abilities on the tennis court because that is where Ramos left her hanging.

Osaka may be a very good player, but can she really win against Williams without a bad ump call? She certainly won with a severe question mark hanging over her head this past Saturday.



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