Calling All Foodies| Chicago Black Restaurant Week is Upon Us

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Chicago Black Restaurant Week is upon us and if Chicago knows how to do anything, its how to cook. There is no shortage of tasty restaurants to line your belly with. February 12th thru 19th 2017, you can get a taste of originality from the heart and soul of Chicago’s Black Foodie Communities, thanks to Lauran Smith, the brains behind Chicago Black Restaurant Week #CBRW.

They say “the greatest form of flattery, is a compliment!” Lets compliment these world class black owned establishments by flooding the internet with selfies, group photos, Snaps, Live, and memes. Here are a few suggested hashtags: #CBRW #BOB #UIFOODIE #IABFOODIE
Current Favorites
We love eating at this place because their food packs so much Flavor. We go to the Richton Park location which has Live Jazz on Friday and Saturday nights. Any day of the week during my lunch break, I love to stop by Haires Gulf Shrimp on 74th and Vincennes and get me a large shrimp bag. I will be sure to take pictures of these Favs as well as I look forward to getting some new favs. We would love to know, what is your favorite CBRW restaurant? Please use one of the hashtags and let us know.

Greasy Goodness Delicious Dining


Imagine If?
How many people grew up going to the Taste of Chicago in the 90’s? It was the place to be. It was all people talked about weeks before and all people talked about days after. Imagine CBRW growing larger than the “Taste of Chicago” and drawing crowds from all over the world. An event that people mark their calendars for months in advance. How much wealth would that bring to the black community? How many more jobs would be created? ijs

Official Chicago Black Restaurant Week Sites

Black Chicago Chefs:
Chef Jennifer Gavin:
Chef Julius:

Chef M. Wiley (coming soon)

Chicago Black Online Communities:

Keep up to date with everything going on in the Urban Intellectuals Universe.

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