Black Love Survives: Big Boi And Wife To Remain Married

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In a world when black marriages don’t happen or survive when they do, Big Boi and his wife, Sherlita, are going to tough it out. There is hope black love can survive and thrive in the 21st century.

It was reported in October of 2013 Sherlita filed divorce papers. She was leaving one part of the hip hop duo Outkast. After 11 years of marriage, she was ready to hang it up and wanted full custody of the kids.

However, it is reported, Big Boi wasn’t going for this and said he wouldn’t give up without a fight. Hopefully, more black men (and women) can follow his lead to fight for their families and marriages.

big boy and wifeThe bottom line is the couple was able to work out their differences.

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They informed the judge to cancel their divorce proceedings so they could maintain their relationship and marriage.

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Great news for the family and Big Boi, but that isn’t the only exciting news coming out of his camp. Apparently, Outkast is getting back together to do another album. Seems like many things are coming back together for Big Boi in his life.

Hopefully, the happiness in his family and the reuniting of Outkast will lead to some OUTSTANDING music. Hip hop fans have been starved for some conscious music that is funky, hip and can make the dance floor move.

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There are not many options available today, but with Outkast coming back together, this could all change very soon.

Black Love Survives

Congratulations again to Big Boy, Sherlita, and family. We wish you the best in your future and hope everything works out.

Do you think their reuniting will encourage more black couples to not only get married, but stay together?

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