Black Female Teens Chased Down, Assaulted and Called N*ggers by White Male Restaurant Manager

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The manager at Portofino’s of Lexington (Kentucky) assaulted and robbed two African-American teens Saturday night while he was supposed to be working at the restaurant.

According the teens and some witnesses the manager also called them “niggers.”

According the Lexington Police, Portofino employees confronted a group of teen that entered restaurant to charge their phones and use the restroom because they suspected one or some of them of stealing an employee’s property.

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Employees tried to stop the teens, but they left the building and were followed out by some employees.

The victims of the assault and witnesses say the teens ran down the street and screamed for help. Onlookers told him to stop but did not intervene as he punched one of the teens and dragged her down the street by her hair.

As a spectator told him he shouldn’t hit women, he responded by saying,

“They’re not women. They’re black bitches…”

Even though there were several witnesses and obvious injuries sustained by both teens, the police did not arrest the manager, who according witnesses is clearly racists.

This goes to show that vigilante justice is okay if you’re white.

Even if we go with story of the Portofino employees and believe the teens stole something. You still can’t chase them down and assault them. Your job is to call the police and let them handle it. He also stole the girls’ property.

So why hasn’t the Portofino manager been arrested for assault or theft?

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