Why Black Churches are a Doing a $11.5 Billion Disservice to the Black Community

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Blog | 1 comment

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It is estimated that $11.5 billion is collected by black churches from the black community annually. Making the black church the biggest business within the black community. But there is seldom any job creation from the biggest business in the community. Could this be the reason why the black community is in the shape it’s in now?

When churches are bringing in this kind of income annually it is vital to put some of it back in the community. I have nothing against pastors building bigger churches but far too often I see churches building bigger churches to hold larger congregations and neglecting job creation. If you are attending a church (especially if it’s a mega church) that does not give back to community financially, please consider finding a new church home. They are doing the community a disservice.

As much money as African Americans “invest” in churches, there is no reason for so many predominately black communities to be filled with abandoned buildings, no jobs, and crime. Crime is higher in poor neighborhoods which is why job creation is important. Most of the businesses in poor black neighborhoods are owned by people that don’t look like us, making their chances of getting hired slim to none.

Black churches have the ability to transform poor black communities by simply creating jobs. With all of the abandon businesses and homes I see when drive through these communities, they could truly change lives. They could transform the community block by block rehabbing homes. They could open markets providing fresh fruits and vegetables to the community. They could create better schools, schools in which the curriculum is fun and challenging. Take notes from some of these entertainers and athletes and open juices bars, organic fast food restaurants, and homeless or rehabilitation centers. There are endless possibilities to what they could be doing.

Yes I am aware there are a lot more than jobs needed in these communities to help rebuild them but job creation is a start. How is building a bigger church helping anyone but the pastor?

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  1. Carolyn Fuqua

    So many mega black preachers take the money and work against the interest of their congregations. They support Republicans candidates because they want more money for themselves. The candidates vote against the interest of the people, but the ministers are so above the people it doesn’t affect them. This is the biggest crime in the black community. Health care is on the line, but the black ministers who put in candidates like Rod Portman from Ohio won’t get him to vote no on this bill. Nor will the black ministers in Mississippi who literally had their congregation to vote for Thad Cochran, tell him to vote no on the bill. They are ready and able to help the politicians because they are getting paid, but will do nothing for the people who actually put in their last to support the mega churches.


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