BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL: Rwanda bans skin bleaching products from shops countrywide BUT there are fears {VIDEO}


Skin-whitening creams are being removed from shelves in Rwanda as the government enforces a ban on the products and on the surface personally, I think this is an excellent move and an important one to assert that NO ONE should be ashamed of how dark they are. This is an excellent and important political move.

However, sales in African countries of skin whitening products are worth billions every year and there are genuine fears that Rwandans won’t give up their bleaching that easily! In the case of not being able to buy them from stores, they may turn to unregulated products which could put their health at risk and home remedies made from even more dangerous chemicals.

It is clear that a lot of work is needed to facilitate a cultural shift and growth away from the myths that lighter skin is better.

Al Jazeera’s Laura Burdon-Manley reports more in the video below


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  1. Isnt Rwanda the nation where Black folks just jumped up all of a sudden and just started killing one another by almost a million people , when just months before , the Hutus and Tutsis were living in peace and harmony?? And you think there is something wrong with making a mandate for people there to not act a fool??

    • Acting a fool is one thing. Being paid to destroy your own people is another. They killed for meritorious manumission, rewards from Europeans. Rwanda wasn’t about just ‘acting a fool’, it was killing of Blacks by Blacks because they were offered prizes for doing so. That is most assuredly nothing new.

  2. Rwanda also shuttered 6,000 “fake evangelical churches” and said you have to have a theological DEGREE in order to start a church in their country. Let’s watch and see how that turns out.

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