Beyonce Gives Back: Builds $7 Million Homeless Housing Complex

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Celebrities | 1 comment

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Everyone desires to be a philanthropist in some manner, but few actually dawn the mantle. Beyonce is one celebrity working towards being put into this category despite the naysayers.

Many believe Beyonce and other celebrities should give back more.

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Maybe they are attempting to count her fortune, which landed her atop the Forbes most powerful celebrities list as she earned an estimated $115 million over the past year. Maybe they have a point, but it is difficult to try and control someone’s contributions.


Taking a break from her record breaking “On The Run” tour with husband Jay Z. Queen Bey, as her legion of fans call her, donated $7 million dollars to have a housing complex built in Houston, Texas for the homeless. Growing up in the area, Beyonce is all too familiar with the plight of the homeless and the need for a quality safety net in this country.

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Unfortunately, some people fall. It is nice to have organizations and homes like the one Beyonce is building to catch them.

Since we can all dream, my dream is this becomes a trend. Not just in the celebrity community, but every community.

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Everyone cannot drop $7 million on a new facility, but we can give $7 or $70 to an organization working in an area that resonates with us.

We can give 7 or 70 hours of volunteer work to these organizations. Just about every nonprofit organization in the country needs more help. You assistance, energy, and effort will be well received.

Just maybe the actions of Beyonce can spark a world wide trend for people ing towards earning the mantel of philanthropist.

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  1. Ali Sekijoba

    Am Coach Ali MubiruSekijoba from uganda east africa am looking a volunteer can help and by as apartment to put out uganda fishers sports gym for youth who are fishers to river nile thank you


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