Attack on Black Female Customers Moved this CEO to Remove his Products from Asian Owned Beauty Supply

by | May 11, 2017 | Positivity | 19 comments

D. Ware, CEO of KeraVara, sent a clear and concise message to KS Beauty Supply in Houston, Texas, when he visited the store and purchased all of the KeraVara products from the store. After purchasing every product he let the owner know he would no longer be doing business with him. Ware let it be known, you cannot mistreat my people and make money off of my product.

What many of us don’t realize is that foreigners come in our communities regularly and open beauty supply stores, nail shops, gas stations, and convenient stores. They make hand over fist money and treat us like crap in return. They send their children to college, they live in beautiful homes and have multiple businesses. They are able to accomplish all of this with our money and again, in return treat us like crap.

But for some strange reason we prefer to keep giving people who don’t care about or our communities our money. Let’s make sure we support KeraVada.

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  1. me

    thank you very much for what you did ………standing up for your people

  2. Issah salifu

    Looking forward information and entertaining stuff

  3. Karen

    How is ‘purchasing’ his product back from the store hurting the store? Seems to me a purchase is a purchase and the store owners could care less- they still made money, correct? I fail to see how this helps.

    • Danisha Edwards

      Because just taking it would have been stealing as the store brought to resale it

    • Janice Holt

      Karen if you can’t see it there is no teachable moment for you.

    • Jeryl Montgomery II

      Ask he did was return their original investment in his products. I’m sure he didn’t pay them the mark up price, not for the dissolution of a business relationship.

    • Remell Jennings

      He could’nt legally remove it from the store without paying for it so he purchased it and in the future not sell to them. It was a statement!

    • Rhonda

      Yeah they made money off of him, but it was already purchased product from him, so he decided to take a loss for his community and not let them make money off the people. By choosing not to put it back in the store, will hurt their revenue, if it was a popular brand!

    • Karen Love

      Not really. THEY had to pay for the product…..upfront for inventory. Essentially, what he did was give them THEIR money back.

  4. Stephen Walton-Harry

    We tend to part with our money much to readily, to people who don’t respect us. If we have to patronize them, make them earn it, with showing respect

  5. April M.

    I wish there was a Black owned beauty supply store in my community here in Fort Worth. There were a couple here a few years ago but they were ran out of business by the bigger Asian owned ones. I was very disappointed to say the least.

    • Sondra Y Hill-Ward

      IKR! If only you and some others could get togther and open one. That would be great.?

    • dee

      Open one.

  6. Alicia

    Love it. We all as black consumers and business owners need to be more mindful of our spending and buying power. Just purchase my first set of products and can wait to start using them. Love love and will continue to support your business.

  7. Thomas Ren

    There is no context of what happened or how anyone was mistreated. Just that the owner was Asian. Let’s not fuel racism. For example, I am disgusted when I read a news article calling out suspects as “black male” when the race is irrelevant to the context of the story. Otherwise, this article is meant to make minorities turn against each other purely based on the color of their skin.

  8. ROW

    I hope he bought them at cost so they wouldn’t make a profit.

  9. Nola Dixon

    I have often wondered why we continue to buy from those that care absolutely nothing about us. At every chance they mock us when in their stores speaking their language to each other that we do not understand. I would love to be able to open a store with hair care products. I’ve thought about doing just that for many years. Who knows? Maybe I will.

  10. Lisa

    We all need to take a stand. Im guilty of continuing to give them my hard earned money. Knowing they disrespect our people. Im gonna do better!!!


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