Arresting Welfare Abusers Is Georgia’s New Plan, But What About Corporate Welfare?

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The idea of the Welfare Queen living high on the hog on the public’s tax dollars is nothing new. This image was burned into the American consciousness back in the 1980’s under President Regan.

This was the initial push to blame the economy and everything that is wrong with this country on poor Americans. And i’m sure you are well aware the face of the Welfare Queen and everything wrong in this country are poor black people who siphoning funds and squandering it.

Well, this image just got a face lift thanks to the State of Georgia.

ebtcard_signGeorgia has decided it is time to crack down on Welfare abusers who decide to sell their food stamps for money and arrest them.

It is illegal to sell food stamps as they are designed to help struggling families keep food on the table and in the bellies of their children. However, there are a number of people selling their food stamps for a percentage of the value for cash. They then take this cash and buy whatever they desire to purchase with it.

Georgia is setting up stings to catch people in this act and arresting them.

In fact, 54 people was recently arrested committing this fraud and although their may not be any stiff legal penalties for this act yet, people caught will be removed from the food stamp program. Their ban could be permanent.

What do you think of arresting Welfare Abusers?

Personally, I believe the State of Georgia and the country in general have much bigger fish to fry than people hocking  a few food stamps to buy other items that may be of need. Hell, even if they were buying weed with the funds, I don’t think we to spend more tax dollars chasing them down.

I believe there are much bigger fish to fry who are abusing the welfare system for BILLIONS of dollars at a time, not just a $100 or so in sold stamps.

I’m talking about Corporate Welfare Abusers. You know. The ones who are buying and selling your politicians to ensure no one ever talks about their waste and abuse. They don’t receive food stamps because they get direct cash contributions to their companies in the form of tax breaks, Tifs, and sometimes out right cash, but we are not suppose to worry ourselves with how the “Job Creators” are milking the system and worry about the low down, dirty poor people who are taking this country under with their hundreds of dollars in scams.


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