Army “Suicide” Cover-Up? Black Female Solider Was Raped and Murdered On Iraq Military Base

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LaVena Johnson was the first woman from Missouri to die in Iraq, however her death was not in the heights of a battle but in a tent on the base. The Department of Defence ruled her death a suicide but autopsy reports and photographs contradict this ruling.

She enlisted in 2003 and found herself in Iraq, a dangerous place for anyone but not a place where you expect to die at the hands of your colleagues, as is being claimed by her father.

She was found alone in a tent with a gunshot would to her head. However, she is also reported to have had a broken nose and black eye, loose teeth and also acid burns on her genitals. Blood was also said to be leading away from the tent.

And this was ruled a suicide?

The autopsy report is said to have said that her death was inconsistent with a suicide but was consistent with rape and murder. However the U.S. Criminal Investigative Command for the Army considered case closed!

Her father saw the body at the funeral home and became suspicious, he decided to investigate and had to fight to get information released from the Department of Army. He had to pull the Freedom of Information act to do so!

A 2010 documentary follows the family struggling to uncover the truth, the trailer can be seen below:

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