A Frog is easily cooked and eaten in what starts off as a nice warm bath and a fish rots from the head down.

On this Presidents Day, remember:

When you become a co-dependent of people with various physical and netherworld spiritual addictions like narcissism and delusions of grandeur, you can potentially get trapped in their various made up psychobabble “storms” and “whirlwinds” unless you refuse to sustain their psychosis with solid grounding of your own.

Typically the persons of a Trump type of mind bring with them a boatload of false narratives, egotistical drama, and alternative facts about who and what they are. And IF they manage to get you caught up in their storms and whirlwinds and personal dramatic shitstorms, you become one of their many enablers.

Once you become an Enabler, you begin to exhibit their behaviors without even knowing when or where it hit you. There is no dividing line between you and them because you do not realize you are being abused once you’ve become accustomed to it. For you, “men who beat women” is perfectly normal because it is all you know. When you don’t know anything else, you have no other mindset for processing what abuse truly is. You think they do it because they care, and the more you feed their particular psychosis, the more they are empowered to keep doing it. It has the same effect as a narcotic drug and it is also a common symptom of skin color racists … every time someone lays down for their bad behavior, it only serves to convince them even more that they are justified and right to behave as they do.

Black people, ad majorum, have always been above that lower level mindset, but too many of us have become convinced that we are not. Someone like Nick Cannon, who got warned that if white people can’t tell bad jokes about Black people neither can he, who then quits his high-paying job and convinces people that something is wrong with THEM, is one of those low-level narcissist types. If we took the HIGHER ROAD, we understand that #BlackLives are not laughing matter in this current climate, and really never have been. Higher Ground in Black America says the network executives were absolutely correct when they said to him “It is not allowed, Nick. Don’t care if you are Black like your people, you can’t do it either.” Bottom line.

We have got to stop taking our own Black Lives for a joke.

Their wanton enslavement of Black people/children in the prison systems and court-excused killings are rooted and grounded in the fact that we don’t even like ourselves all that much. If Black Lives don’t matter much to us, why should it matter to them?

The ‘Dependent of the Dependency’ Status Quo

Once nearly everyone in your inner and closest circles is an addict or a co-dependent of addicts or even a co-dependent of co-dependents of those with addictive behaviors, the entire world of “stuck on stupidity” becomes suddenly normalized.

Lunacy and lack of education becomes a “thing” with them and that, in turn, causes a “yuuuge” sinkhole in the good faith and backing of our seniors and elders and ancestors, and all of those Black people who voluntarily and involuntarily built America under extreme duress and made it to prosper.

Quite frankly … to be politically incorrect, some of us were just raised better than this; but then again, we do have an entire generation of Ronald Reagan’s homemade crack and meth babies who have come of age and who have also become parents themselves. Old school was the BEST school, after all.

But this ‘addictive dependent of Trumpency’ does explain a lot more than we want it to or care to admit.

President Barack Obama was the last of the direct descendants of the Moses Generation–The Joshua Generation who are now between 40 and 80 years of age, but we were all children and young adults at the time. We are also the first-fruit beneficiaries of the Civil Rights Movement headed up by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and all others of the Moses Generation that came 100 years or more before us.

This current “crack and meth baby” generation was raised to believe that the narcissistic behaviors of Donald Trump are perfectly normal when we know full well that they live in an internalized world where their personal issues suddenly become a “national crises” for all concerned. Their “alternative facts,” those made up by the Debby Dingdongs and Sammie Jo Stupids that are displayed by Trumpsters like Kellyanne Conway, are known by the sane psychological world for exactly what they are, lies.

Wars were started by dueling narcissists like George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden over personal ego-maniacal leanings that Bush called “they hate Americans and our freedoms.” Truth is, the only people ‘they’ (???) hated were Bush and bin Laden, both of whom should have been put out in the streets and made to duel to settle their score like Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, and let the best man win. Bush made his personal family problems into a national scale war that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people who had nothing to do with any of it.

Those people are still being terrorized today, especially since President Obama had to follow up that overtly pretentious personal drama of Bush’s with a little nationalistic drama of his own. But at least he (Obama) managed to minimize the impact and bring most of those soldiers who got stuck in Bush’s mentally decrepit self-made ‘hurricane’ back home.

The many “publics” that surround Trump’s type are often just as badly behaved and worse in nature and character and function than their chosen leaders.

Their reference point and life logistics contain plenty of “gangster rap” culture and ‘reality show fairy tales’ that they indulge in just to make themselves feel better about what they are. Some say we shouldn’t stigmatize people with mental health problems, but I know myself that people with horrific mental health problems have no business in a position where they can destroy the lives of millions of people with just a push of a button on a moment’s notice.

Trump is a heartbeat away from nuclear codes, and though we understand America -now with all of its inner workings in plain sight of the world and no longer hidden as it was before 2017-we understand that as the Great Whore of Babylon that the Bible speaks of, it is now expedient upon the Joshua Generation in America to now lift our people up, out and over into The Promised Land, as Dr. King once said we would do one day, with or without his earthly presence. Trump can set off those bombs, and we pray they they destroy only him and his kind; but since we know that is not possible, let us prepare -not in fear, but in the faith of God- to step up and do what has to be done to minimize the impact, as President Obama had to do.

Trump’s narcissism and delusions of grandeur cannot be allowed to gain momentum on our watch. His issues with the “media” are not an AMERICAN problem, they are his alone. The media doesn’t hate Americans, he has turned them against HIM and when the day comes that the majority of Americans don’t know what they hell they are supposed to be afraid of, the mongers of hatred and fear have lost ALL credibility in American politics and in life in general.

In all seriousness…

We have a duty to the Holy and True God of Israel, whose children we are, and also to ourselves as civilized and progressive American citizens, in spite of Trump’s kind.

They falsely proclaim to be what they obviously are not; and the shame of all shames is that Alt-Right America ran ramshod all over us in order to elect themselves a king JUST to prove Black people wrong about everything. And even worse is the fact that they were so willing to openly destroy themselves and their own credibility in order to prove the people that they have narcissistically color-shamed for more than 500 years wrong.

So far, it is America’s educated and historically significant Black citizens that have driven America forward into the Promised Land of Prosperity and more importantly, into UPL: Ultimate Pure Love for all of mankind as mandated by the God who created us. Even as we gave them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we have not been allowed to fully enjoy it ourselves. Yet.

But that day must come. Their 400 years of terrorizing Black America and Black people in general is up in 2019 — 400 years to the very moment. The Bible tells us so.

In the meantime, everything that we have told them was coming has come to pass in America… absolutely EVERYTHING. Trump is their last shot at proving us wrong, and they have already WILLINGLY lost that battle in their own hands.

In the Art of War against lower-level principalities and rulers of the darkness, the present-day demand must be to #RESIST all appointed and every one of their decisions that are not conducive to our future generations. We have no biblical or scriptural reference that proves we are to lower ourselves to gain approval from those we KNOW are dead wrong where they stand.

We are to prepare in all haste to delay and/or turn over and refuse to comply with every decision that this current “Reaganist Crack and Meth Baby President” makes until Trump is gone.

We cannot allow “Dunning Kruger” syndrome to dictate American politics or its future for our grandchildren and the ones who are not yet born. Those with this particular mental health disease are not fully mentally functional and they are typically unaware that they are incapable of doing a job without failing miserably.

Donald Trump’s failures are on autopilot by his own hands, and the “dunning kruger” president cannot become a blight and disease in America on our watch.

This February 20 2017, this Presidents Day, the current office tells a frightening tale of the truth about unrequited love of drug and alcoholism, whoredom, prostitution, criminality in America, and all other manner of netherworld ‘reality show’ activities that were once hidden away from the true lives and faces of innocent children. Now it is splayed out for the entire world to see, and the truth is the truth no matter how unpleasant and unpretty. Trump is what America has been trying to hide all of these centuries, so as they take their VERY LAST shot to prove Black people wrong and incompetent in all things, all Trump’s presence does is prove we were right all along.

The inevitable is no longer on delay. Their own need to run Black people down a consistent bad road in America has substantially backfired on them.

Trump must seek mental health reform on his own dime, but since we engaged in so much political fear and television superficiality that we allowed him to take a job that he was unfit to carry out, our only hope now is -first and foremost- in an attitude of deep reverence and prayer; and then in following through on those prayers by making sure that any and all of Trump’s drug-enhanced derelict decisions and those of his addicted and co-dependent cabinet picks are nullified with a 300+ million-people-backed “save shot.” The other 65 million who agree with his policies are of no consequence to the rest of us, and we are BIGGER and BETTER than they are on all counts.

The answer to all of their psychologically induced affronts must be NO, and hell no, until this nightmare ends.

Dented as it was, President Obama had restored some semblance of civility and love and hope to America, and this is not the time to allow them to derail the rest of us just because they are stupified over-bloated nutcases.

In the meantime, Happy Presidents Day to the only still living and duly-elected officials elected by and FOR the American people who did not have to ‘cheat the vote’ in order to become President:

President-elected Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama, President-elected Al Gore, President Bill Clinton, and President Jimmy Carter. And also to Justin Trudeau, the rightly sane choice for a righteously sane people. And as to Justin Trudeau … while we in America watch and wait on a legitimate President to take President Obama’s place, Trudeau is a good place to look for a reference point.

Remember the movie Apollo 13?, which spacecraft lost its razor-thin balance due to a physical malady that caused it to wreck and spin out of control? The craft had to be manually and gently maneuvered by mathematical experts (like the Black women of Hidden Figures); and like the pilots of that ship, America has to find a FIXED POSITION (such as that of Justin Trudeau), in order to provide itself a manual Guidance System while our lights and electronic computers and controls are out in Washington DC.



Don’t forget: The ‘refugees’ are fleeing their own nations because of the filth of American drug addictions and religious persecution by those who claim to be “christians”, not only in now-deracinated Syria [which must be expunged to prepare the way of the Lord]; but also in countries like Haiti and Mexico and even Iraq and some parts of Iran, Egypt, and Israel, where the ancient-based indigenous people have refused to deracinate themselves just to fit into Americanized white-washed standards of right and wrong, and of good and evil.

Only God is just; and alt-right America knows nothing about that.


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