This African American, Female Owned Law Firm in Chicago Started with a Tweet

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KMR Law Group is an African-American female owned law firm in Chicago. KMR was started two years ago by three African-American female lawyers, Keli L. Knight, Jessica B. Reddick and Yondi K. Morris.

KMR was birthed by a tweet from Morris. While at work frustrated Morris tweeted, “I need to start my own firm” and Knight retweeted, “Are you serious?” Morris and Knight got together and shared some ideas with each then Morris contacted Reddick, an old college friend. The three women met at a café and on a napkin devised a plan to make their dreams come true.

Being young in this industry they faced a few challenges, such as people assuming they did not have enough experience and people assuming they lacked professionalism because of their ages. One challenge in particular which concerned Morris was being taken seriously in a male dominated field. This dynamic group of women overcame these challenges as they began to focus on the future of their business.

Knight, Morris, and Reddick are true businesswomen, working with a large array of individuals and businesses. They are focused on expanding their brand by developing a legal staffing firm. They are interested in establishing firms on the east and west coast. These women are definitely a force to be reckoned with. It’s amazing what can happen when you follow your dreams!

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