Abrams and Gillum and Jealous 2018: Mid-terms Skin-Shedding

More than Black History, we are having a moment in "Profiles in Black Courage" in American history, especially with more Black Americans as Governors and Senators, hopefully. Obama made himself a Litmus Test of Democracy in spite of the racism. Are we truly ready this time?


There are singular reasons for why it is so easy to shed the skin of the Democratic Party and Black Progressivism in America.

Most of it is due to the lack of progressive sustainability shown by the Democratic Party itself. This is not meant to disparage the Democratic Party, but to shortlist the major reasons why the Party is slated to lose the all-hailed Black vote in a minute if something doesn’t change.

Unfortunately, many Black people say they won’t vote Democrat any more. Or they have given up and decided not to vote AT ALL. They have justifiable reasons for feeling the way they do.

Good News First: None of The Elect Would Win on A Republican Party Ticket

1 The Democratic Party has a tendency to “party too much”.

It is time to get the He_ _ out of banquets and get to battle!” — REV Dr BARBER, Keynote Speaker


The innate desire to lust for seats at the “Big Woo Woo Dinners” and photo opps rather than to support the initiatives and promises of their own candidates once the election is over is a losing strategy. In the years to come, the PROGRESSIVE politically-involved Millennials are too vested in emotional capital and too justice-oriented to give a damned who you can name-drop at the next PETITION DRIVE, or Townhall, or conference.

President Obama, a member of The Joshua Generation, set that off in 2008.

Instead of following-through and going onward, upward, and forward -win or lose- the initiatives seem to be laid waste once the excitement of the campaign dies down.

Even after President Obama was elected, Black America stayed in ‘defend and party mode’ for far too long.

When President Obama went to work, they continued to dance and laugh.

Rude Awakenings

Then there was the rude awakening of finding out that President Obama was dead serious about healthcare reform, housing justice, and judicial misconduct in the United States. They sat down and did next to nothing on these major PLATFORMS. This left President Obama working hard to hold it down nearly on his own to carry out his promises. It leaves him telling us that Trump is a symptom of the racism, not the initiator of it.

As a person who has campaigned for leadership platforms on smaller scales and then got hit with major full-time BS afterward, I am only thankful that I could just walk away and quit. They can’t.

I still often wonder about why we vote for people and then walk away after the election is over like there is nothing else to do. Or we stay and act like the stuff we campaigned on can be ignored now that the election is over.

2016 End Game

By the time it was time for him (Obama) to go, the main people doing the complaining about what President Obama did or didn’t do were the ones who did nothing the entire eight years he was in DC.

They laughed, par-tay’d, and screamed for white people to “get over it.” And then they/we mostly did nothing else but a lot of bitching and complaining at Obama or in his name instead of working.

Nothing the rest of us did to remind them that the Mid-terms of 2010 and 2014 were the biggest follow-through on our own promises was taken to heart.

The GOP came in with threats, guns, and “WE HATE OBAMA!” limo buses and we cowered and ran the other way and handed Congress over to the most vile racist misogynist Republicans in our own small time on Earth.

Yes, it happened. Don’t bother to pretend it didn’t.

The Pain of Voting and Having a Dud or Blank on Follow-through

2 The Dems allowed the Tea Party to take over Congress.

Doesn’t matter if it was fear or lackadaisical attitudes that justified the way “Obama needed the opposition to keep him honest,” the bottom line is that the takeover of white supremacy in Congress led us directly to a white supremacist president.

True enough, Trump was only one of more than 35 racist misogynists to have been elected President in this nation’s history, many on OUR watch. However, the truth remains that our slackness on our promises to our future generations gave us a Republican-controlled Congress and gave us Trump, the right racist at the right time.

I’m not adverse to Trump winning a second term because it appears to be true, as Louis Farrakhan said, that Black America finally got a severe and much-needed WAKE UP CALL this go round.



3 The Dems have no initiatives, especially in the Black community, that go beyond election-time pump-priming.

It is no wonder that so many people are seriously disappointed with the Dems in the end. It is no wonder why so many balk about how “we” should not be thought of as a monolithic people who always vote for Dems.

More than 90-percent of the Black vote often does end up vested in a Democrat, but we often lack the determination on too many days that the GOP has and keeps. Even when they publicly dismiss Trump as an idiot, they still refuse to turn against him, no matter what he does wrong.

Give them an A-minus on loyalty all day long.

The only ones who U-turn on Trump are facing criminal charges themselves (and some of them still don’t). Or like Omarosa, they just get mad over being fired. We’d have never heard those tapes, and her blockbuster book would never have seen the light of day if she hadn’t been fired, because she had no intention of quitting. Ever.

ABRAMS and GILLUM and JEALOUS: Where Do We Go From Here?

What will come of Stacey Abrams in the event that she wins this year? What about Andrew Gillum? What about Ben Jealous in Maryland?

How long will it take for their staunchest supporters of the Democratic ilk to drop the ball and say things like “We was just kidding so you could win” and “By the way you owe us many personal favors for helping to get you elected.”

This is what happened with President Obama in the Black community. There was no time for personal favors, we had WORK to do. But even contrary Dems allowed our President to be blocked and opposed by racists for eight solid years. Then they got mad when he “got nothing done”, yet they “did nothing that needed to get done.”

Bottom Line

I plan to vote for Stacey Abrams, because she is on the right track with the right voice for TODAY’s Georgia government and not yesterday’s typical 1800’s Georgia ‘Confederacy’-lovers.

But she may be the last Dem I EVER vote for. What is the point when we don’t stick together and get stuff done after the campaign is over?

I hope she wins. I pray she wins. I hope and pray that Gillum and Jealous win, but for what?

I am sorely disappointed in the Democratic Party at this point. I don’t care for the political failures and shortcomings that come so hard and too often after a well-earned win. NO Dem ever offered to ‘buy my vote’, but the time is coming when it may be FOR SALE to the nearest Republican if this keeps up.

There is so much that could and should have been done from 2008-2016.

How Long Before a Backtrack THIS time?

So much is now a back-track … watching history repeat itself, but if we had taken President Obama seriously from Day One, we wouldn’t be doing this.

We weren’t prepared for him to win, were shocked when he did. Then we got hit hard by the Tea Party shortly before he won, and then we failed to hit back in an appropriate political manner, with a quickness.

Are we prepared for an Abrams win in Georgia? Are we ON POINT and ready to work on the day after the celebratory ‘party spirit’ is over this time?

Are we on our CIVIC ENGAGEMENT A-game? Do we understand that a WORK OF FAITH comes after the win? Or will we repeat the lascivious behavior of the Obama years if/when Abrams/Gillum/Jealous win in 2018?

Woah is right. I said it. I’m tired of the seldom-needed celebrations. We sleep when we are dead. I need to see some working getting done this time.

It’s a nice comeback 2018 mid-term on Trump’s watch, but is it too little to late?


It is not a time for white privilege Race Wars. It is time for a race to win for better politics in the South for EVERYONE and not just a skin-privileged few, and this time, without the gas-lighting and sabotage efforts of others. #CONTROLTHENARRATIVE


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  1. The Democratic Party has helped bring about tremendous change, including the Presidency! It’s crazy to hear Black people saying they’ll never vote Democrat again! I suspect somehow Steve Bannon found a way to influence these folks. It’s just idiotic and stupid to abandon the organization that brought us into the mainstream of American life.

    Thank you for your article.

    • Even worse for the Democratic Party to keep turning over like sauteed spinach every time some nasty GOP’er gets in their face. Sometimes, we don’t need to take the ‘high road’, especially since ANY road is higher than the one they’re on.

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