A Demand for Black and Afrocentric American Reparations in the Global West

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Imagine if your family was ripped apart by an social and moral disaster that should not have happened. Even worse – imagine that those responsible evaded accountability for more than 300 years.

More than three hundred years ago, one of the world’s most horrific slave trades wreaked havoc on the people of various countries on the African continent and its Middle and Far Eastern peoples. And they still haven’t gotten justice.

We continue to join the fight for accountability and for justice. They refuse to let time erase the societal disaster of slavery and white supremacy that has devastated millions of Black American citizens and those of the western lands.

During these dreadful years, many live humans were treated as cargo and situated as lower than beasts while the western African nations and the western lands of Europe looked aside and pretended as if it was their “god-given” manifest destiny to seize and conquer these persons in body and soul.

Since slavery ended, many Black citizens of these slave countries have lived in the poverty and in want of their lives, along with the loss of their ability to pursue happiness and justice in the United States of America.

Recently, as a direct result of this continuous rampant racism and slave-minded social construct, hundreds of young Black man and women, even those who were not criminals nor were they in the act of committing any crimes, were murdered at-will and without any social repercussions related to the murders as to those who have done the killing.

Black people do not use the excuse “white people kill each other” in order to go into white-oriented neighborhoods and strike to kill their innocent and young due to their murders of one another, and this nation’s history has shown that racism and white supremacy has been the initiating and instigating cause of rampant lynchings by white supremacists and white society in general, though they use “excuses” in order to remove themselves from these rampant and senseless murders.

Hundreds of thousands of people are still suffering today.

Many Black Americans have even turned against one another in a trauma-ridden society due to suffering from Post Traumatic Slave Disorder and Post Traumatic Slave Stress and Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.

No amount of activism from any faction in this nation or around the world has hedged the bleed of rampant racism, white supremacy, and the internal and external murders at the hands of white supremacists, and as a direct result of the Second Amendment laws of the US Constitution.

These things are underscored and evidenced by the continuous police brutality and judicial misconduct under the Dred Scott decision of the 1800s, the removal of equal voting rights for all Americans that are particular and peculiar to the Black community under the current act of Citizens United, the many Black and colored citizens who have been imprisoned falsely, very many due to false witness testimony, police misconduct and coercion, the tainting of evidence, as well as conviction due to racial innuendos with no evidence of that imprisoned person having committed a crime; and also by the refusal of the United States of America to grant all full rights of citizens except by two revocable amendments called the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act.

This is also underscored by the removal of our rights and rightful compensation under the Freedman’s Bureau Acts of 1865, as well as the removal of Black citizens and the deracination efforts that have gone on undeclared in this nation’s Indian and Native American rights treaties.

We are committed to making sure that the United States of America, all other Eurocentric states that held slaves, and that their counterparts who sold Black slaves in West Africa accept their responsibility toward the survivors and descendants who have a right to adequate compensation, medical care for physical and psychological trauma, and the right to have these police and sheriff’s departments investigated in order to purge this nation of all forces with connections to supremacist authorities that have beset this nation since the late 1500s, through the 1600s, 1700s, 1800s, 1900s and through this date and time in history.


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