Trump: Fitting The Profile of the Jim Crow “Coon” Caricature

Lil Wayne and Trump: They all look alike to us.


QUOTE: “The coon caricature is one of the most insulting of all anti-black caricatures.”

The name itself, an abbreviated version of the word “raccoon”, is dehumanizing. This is a term that Black people often use to describe what they refer to as “sellout” Blacks, but the truth is that being a “coon” is more about BEHAVIOR than it is skin color.

The coon, according to the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia, was portrayed as a lazy, easily frightened, chronically idle, inarticulate, buffoon. The coon differed from the Sambo in subtle but important ways. Sambo was depicted as a perpetual child, not capable of living as an independent adult. The coon acted childish, but he was an adult; albeit a good-for-little adult. … The coon, although he often worked as a servant, was not happy with his status. He was, simply, too lazy or too cynical to attempt to change his lowly position.

eating chicken with a watermelon hat onTrump is exactly like that: Lazy, easily frightened, chronically idle, inarticulate, a buffoon, a perpetual child incapable of living as an independent adult; also, Trump is a good- for- little adult not happy with a status he asked for and got, and as Ann Coulter said in the article above, he is a shallow, lazy ignoramus. But she said she loves it, and it is because Ann Coulter is also a shallow lazy ignoramus herself.

As it happens in this hour, it turns out that every foul thing that they have ever said about Black people came about indirectly as a direct result of Black people mimicking THEIR racist behaviors. One Black female that I know of, when I asked her what she thought of Donald Trump, the n-word flew out of her mouth so fast that I was shocked at first. I wasn’t expecting anything good to be said about him, that’s par for the course, but that word threw me for a loop, as it was the most accurate thing I’d heard said about him up to that point. Just like his crap-rapper ‘hood ghetto friends who call THEMSELVES the same thing, “ni&&ers.” She was right about it, and spot on.



You cannot throw the past in the garbage can and think it’s all going to get better.

We are REPEATING the past mistakes because we refused to learn from them; but this time, it has a twist – in the way Black people’s behaviors in America are nothing more than a mirror reflection of everything that has been done to them/us and said about us/them by an errant and badly behaved band of thug pirating pilfering whites like Trump.

God is using Trump all right, but not for what they think he is being used for.

How Is This Possible?

The JCMofRM goes on to say “The pure coons emerged as no-account n’s, those unreliable, crazy, lazy, subhuman creatures good for nothing more than eating watermelons, stealing chickens, shooting crap, or butchering the English language. … Slave masters and overseers often described slaves as “slow,” “lazy,” “wants pushing,” “an eye servant,” and “trifling.” … the slave desired to do the least labor while avoiding punishment. The slave registered his protest against slavery by running away, and, when that was not possible, by slowing work, doing shoddy work, destroying work tools, and faking illness. Slave masters attributed the slaves’ poor work performance to shiftlessness, stupidity, desire for freedom, and genetic deficiencies.”


Top D(aw)g Coonery: Black ‘Rappers’ Prove Trump’s Wholesale Lunacy and Materialistic Endeavors

…as well as why they, the ‘hood rat rappers, would have so much respect for a sexual predator and thief in chief.

They brag about it in their own music videos. The stealing, the cheating, the lying, the over-sexualizations, the rapes, the lawbreaking, the stealing, killing, and destroying, the drug addictions and whoredoms, but as Trump said (paraphrased) “The only good thing about me is that I don’t drink.”

We wonder if that explains this … snowfall from the nose? You don’t have to “drink” to be a drug addict, though alcohol is one of many drugs.

If there is no difference in the attitudes, characters, or accepted behaviors, then why condemn one and not condemn the other? Trump is trifling, and a big-time butcher of the so-called English language (which really is not ‘true’ English, but a version of it called “American”). What’s the difference, except for skin color?

In the end, Lil’ Wayne is nothing more than an owned slave, a coon-type with a ghetto ‘hood rat cult following of lunatic fans that most (the vast majority of) Black people really can’t stand. And Trump is exactly like Lil’ Wayne: A lord of all henchmen with ZERO CREDIBILITY and a strong following of staunch ghetto cult supporters.

They all look alike to us.


How The White House Looks and Shores Up Since January 2016: This is the reason why American President Barack Obama and all-American Vice President Joe Biden can both laugh at Donald “Brothel John” Trump and keep it moving, they know he’s a cartoon “Sambo” of a joke, too.

Same thing. Exact same thing.


Reference: “Shithole countries out of the shithole rapper-mouthed ‘president’
Just keep in mind, they were not “shithole countries” until European white supremacy turned them into shitholes. These countries, BLACK NATIONS, existed hundreds of thousands of years perfectly fine without any help from any Europeans. Didn’t need them then, but now they need to fix what they broke. If their white behinds had left these countries alone, the wouldn’t be shitholes.

Even the leadership in BELIZE said that!

There was an “extreme travel advisory” issued by the consulate of BELIZE, a native indigenous BLACK country, that stated that Belize has always been a peaceful nation until the influx of Europeans, which caused an increase in crime and violence. The Consulate, a few years ago, asked for humanitarian measures from the UN that stated BELIZEANS had always been a PEACEFUL people who experienced escalated troubles under Euro influence and said that they did not want it there, in their nation. They wanted no OUTSIDERS coming over there messing with their peace and possessions, and stated that they are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. They are, and always will be. They don’t need any MORE Americans turning them into yet another “shithole” country.


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  1. Urban pseudo intellectuals is more like it. Wow. Just…wow. Hard to believe people can be so misinformed and willfully ignorant.

    • It takes snake venom to cure snake bite. When you turn a people into willfully ignorant people with the force of histrionic white lies, the only way to cure that mental disease is by telling the ABSOLUTE truth.

  2. You judge a man by your own standards comparing him to rappers etc. Who do you compare yourself with? You forget black people despite slavery had a history. Did you know a Black man invented the folding bicycle frame in 1899. Who cares about the rappers you are associating Trump with. Blacks have done many good things in America and with Trump in office we are not seen as receivers but we have the ability to use our skills to make America great again. Trump is tapping into the black masses by giving them the opportunity to increase their income the lowest unemployment in history and using their skills and seeing people as people not judging them by the color of their skin or seeing people as victims. That is how the Demo-rat party wants to see blacks as victims only to make you depended on them and control you by voting them into power. They were the ones stringing blacks on trees in the south and how about Jim crow and siking dogs and water hoses on blacks down south. It was the Republicans who overwhelmly voted in the civil right act of 1965 and don’t forget Abraham Lincoln was a Republican who freed the slaves. You democrats are rats who lost an Election and want to blame Trump but you are the party of accepting black women killing their babies in the womb over 15 million innocent unborn children has had their lives taken from a black womens womb since 1973 and don’t forget the socialist or communist have used black people as pawns to control the masses.

    You rule the inner cities and give out handouts to control Black people. That’s why blacks are returning to the Republican party . You’ve been lied to by Demo-rats . They give to blacks to control us in our inner cities and then create the problems so we can run to them when things go wrong and they will come in and solve the problem. That is where the progressives, liberals and socialists do and have done to blacks ever since they gain the masses of the black vote since the 1960’s. Are cities are ripe with crime and run by leaders who use black people for power in the name of being progressive..

    They get your vote and pretend they love you but Democrats are liars. They haven’t turned a new leaf since the 1960’s. They are the same but now they called themselves progressive. They are still blaming racism because they used race to control black people and are still doing it now in the name of progressive or liberalism. They don’t want blacks to think or do for themselves if they do it is only to get the blacks in the socialist agenda that communist want to use to destroy America. They use that to blame Trump to say he collided with Russia but they are the ones who used a fake dossier because they lost an election and they paid for it to use it against Trump to resist his legitimate presidency by the American people They sell out America and its people for world leaders and socialists ideas while making America poorer. But Donald J Trump is putting America and all its people first including black Americans. He is showing us that America is and can be great again regardless of skin color. He speaks for American people not for illegal aliens who come to America and commit crimes. He is looking out for the American people.

    The Democrats are the same racist party that formed the Klu klux Klan. They are using black people to have control over them. Jim crow was started by the Democrats and until you can understand this you will keep blaming Trump but this is a man who loves America and its people and as a black American I support him and hope he will win again in 2020. Blacks are increasing their support of him and the Republican party. Because we know who the real coons are. They are the Demo-rats party and its love affair with the socialist agenda. They want to destroy America but we know the party of Lincoln is the real party of freedom fighters and abolitionists in America. Don’t be fooled by the liberals. They want to destroy America. Their hatred of Trump is their downfall and the media is their mouth piece of lies and deceit. God bless America! Make America Great Again! Donald Trump 2020- Blacks for Trump!

    • I seriously doubt you even know what you just said, LOL. You sounds like a yelling rapper screaming out a bunch of nonsense about nothing at all. If you can break all that nonsense down to two sentences that make any sense, let me know.

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