5 Things to do instead of watching the NFL

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We don’t watch the NFL and since stopping we’ve found the time is much more productive for the growth of our community, ourselves and our business.

Freddie, CEO of Urban Intellectuals and Sankofa Club, took to Facebook yesterday for a Facebook live to go through 5 things you can do instead of watching the NFL, and Freddie BLEEDS football so giving up watching the league was big for him!

Here they are and below is a link to the full video (you’ll wanna watch it because there is LOTS of extra content),

1) Workout: We believe in order to be there for our community and kids we need sound body which helps with sound mind. Getting in some exercise and keeping the body in good order is ALWAYS a good idea.

2) Meal Prep: We don’t need to be running through the drive-through, it hurts our health, our bank balances and puts a bad example out there for those around us. Let’s spend that NFL time maybe getting our brown rice and veggie lunch boxes together so we can crush our healthy eating goals.

3) Worship: This is not ONLY for those that believe in god, be it Christian, Muslim or Jewish. Personal spirituality, meditation, personal reflection and pondering are all forms of worship that better our souls and helps us process our thoughts, feelings emotions and answer those hard questions.

4) Volunteer in your community: There are so many of us down on our luck, homeless shelters need you, Goodwill needs help sorting clothes, the church of mosque can always use a hand with community activities. The local kids may need help building a lemonade stand! There is always a way to contribute.

5) Teach your / the kids: As you know THIS IS OUR THING! We need to pass the knowledge on, teach our kids about themselves, their past and build confidence.

For young kids we have our SankofaClub.com launching officially very very soon (so make sure you are signed up at SankofaClub.com) and for all kids and adults alike you can still grab Vol 1 and 2 or our flashcards here with a hefty discount. Vol 3 and 4, trivia and playing cards should also be back in stock this week!

Wait, we have one more…..

6) Read, study and grow as a person: Freddie personally reads around 24 books a year and believes this is part of the hard work that has helped us grow to over 1 million facebook fans, helped us identify a need and create the Black History Flashcards and Sankofa Club BUT also helped him bring up his kids right, be a good family man and contribute to his people. Learning is essential and reading cannot be pushed aside.

So, watch the full video below and please leave a comment and let us know what you thought.


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  1. Ron Mosley

    What happened to th NFL , that we should stop watching?? Colin Kaepernick! And he did what he did over Police Brutality , therefore what should we be doing Collectively , to show our outrage 30 million strong over police Brutality?? Well we missed out on the National Day we have used to show our outrage over Disrespect to the community; Black Solidarity Day…So we still Have Black Friday and the Golden Opportunity, to make our feelings known as a people that spend a Trillion a year, on the biggest shopping day of the year, by keeping our dollars in our pockets, pocketbooks, credit cards and debit cards, that day for 24 hours !



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