10 Reasons Why “Angry” Black Women Should Be Even More Angry


Let’s start this off on a good track.

You know the one: “I’ve got good news and bad news,” which one you want to hear first? Okay … here it is.

The good news is that Marissa Alexander’s 20-year sentence by a HIGHLY racist Florida prosecutor Angela Corey, who apparently has a personal issue with Black women, and approves of the sons of Black women being murdered or deprived of their mothers for no reason, was overturned in appellate court as of October 17, 2014, according to The Source magazine online.

What have we really learned about racism in America, and why is it that the brunt of every one of these “jokes” at the expense of a Black woman has a Black man somewhere behind it, or in some cases, in front of it?

Be she scorned by her own kith and kin, her own menfolk, or even her own children and all others who suckled at her breast, Black women have been this world’s mule and its dog for far too long and it is time to end it  – one way or another.

Marissa Alexander was said to have used the words “I got something for that ass,” while trying to ward off her confessed abuser ex-husband during an after-sex attack. The saddest part is that she lost a piece of her life and that of her children for warning him. Many agree that she should have just killed him, she’d have gotten less of a sentence or maybe even walked away like George Zimmerman did.

But this Black hater of Black women put his children in jeopardy and the mother of his children in “harm’s way” of a racist white female, and then sided and chided with the racist Angela Corey, even after he knew and admitted that he was dead in the wrong.

So what did Black women learn?

That “stand your ground” ONLY applies if white people murder Blacks, particularly a Black man who is the son, the CHILD, of SOME Black woman.

That said …


There is always a reason for a Black woman to holla “Hallelujah!,” but this kind of hatred of Black women only continues because the only thing some folks answer to is high numbers and lots of violence.

Here are some GOOD reasons Black women who are angry have every right to be so, and those who are NOT angry should be:

  • 10 Can’t find a “good” or even a decent Black man?

You, Black woman, are at fault for being too dark and having nappy hair, or for being fat or overweight and not looking enough like a skinny white woman on a Miss America parade float. Even if you bleach your skin, take a chance on blindness by dying the color of your eyes, glue horses’ ass or dead people’s remains on your scalp until you are snatched bald … the fault is all of your own for being born the wrong color with the wrong hair texture and looks.

The life that your “God” gave you will never be good enough for folks who don’t know that they are more than likely uglier and fatter and blacker, even if only in their souls, than you.

  • 9 Catching a verbal or abusive beat-down about believing in the One and Only Almighty God from atheists, and often from Black men whom you have to keep from between your legs by telling them “no ring, no-thing”?

You’re a Black woman. You aren’t allowed to refuse any man sex — not a Black one and especially not a white man who can’t get it from a white woman who is more “sacred” than you.

Truth is, from a Black atheist’s point of view, anything that goes against viewing yourself as a “god” of some kind is wrong. However, the Black man who scrutinizes you for saying things like “I don’t need a man, I got ‘jesus’,” only has one directive – for you to be on your knees worshiping his dyk.

Granted, “I don’t need a man, I got ‘jesus’” is a kind of back-assward thing to say, because ‘jesus’ is not something anyone ‘has’ or ‘got.’ If that is some kind of witness and testimony about your personal belief system, then you don’t have it, it has YOU.

The humbled truth behind Black women making statements like that is an insidiously deep pain from having been hurt, harmed, raped, abused, molested, abandoned, or even having had a female relative murdered by some man — and hiding behind those words is nothing more than a means of ‘escapism’.

I’m waiting for some jerk to comment on this by detracting the attention from Black women and turning it into an “all women go through that” kind of thing, because it is sooooo like some folks to sway all of the attention away from the focal point of a subject just to soothe their own inner conscience.

Ladies, it’s perfectly okay not to need a man — and to be alone if that is what you truly want; but don’t use a white Roman Catholic symbol or idol named ‘jesus’ as an excuse for it.

You don’t need an excuse for anyone to chew on like a dog tearing at a meaty bone, really. Just walk away and leave it at that.

Maybe “No I don’t need a man, but it’s pretty obvious that you are desperate enough to try and take me down to your subconscious level” is more like it.

  • 8 Far too many Black men degrade us in preference for white women. To be sure, the next “No-Jay Simpleton” is always a half a foot around Any Street Corner USA; but what color Bronco will he be driving down what freeway in America the next time?

First of all, it may be a good idea to put a Black man who degrades Black women and touts the beauty of white women on a hard cold sheet of ice. We don’t speak to their kind, let alone entertain them in their woes. It is always going to be a Black man who got hurt by some Black woman, his mother or a girlfriend or an Aunt or an ex-wife, who will find something with a hook nose and a backwoods country twang to put up front as if she just jumped freshly off the cover of Vogue magazine. Not.

A Black man who does that would never get his hands on a truly ‘beautiful’ white female.

For that matter, a Black woman has more of a chance of being hit on by a more gorgeous white Lesbian who would never look his way. Don’t laugh. It has happened.

  • 7 They murder our children for usually what amounts to no reason, and then blame US when the child gets killed.

There is an automatic assumption amongst their kind, and their Black male constituents and backers, that if our children are in the streets acting an ass like typical teenagers tend to do, then something is wrong with the way they are being raised, or they must be growing up in a /single parent/ household with no “real man” around.

Yet, no white female, single parent or not, is ever blamed or deprecated when her child is murdered.

The real truth comes closer to this:

If the child is being raised in a single parent household, then there is more than likely a damned good reason for it, and for it to remain that way. Secondarily, everyone and his bed wench has found a way to use a Black woman as a default ‘excuse’ for their own wrongdoing and bad behaviors; even for their personal mental health issues about who and what we are, and what we should and should not do and how we should and should not do it. Black women ought to be about REAL pissed off and tremendously angry right now for being used as a scapegoat for other people’s evils.

One would think that God died and crowned them, Inordinately, to take His place.

  • 6 If black women are beaten or abused in some way, black men and white people in general typically blame them for causing it; but those same types don’t mind watching Dr. Phil TV or some “Lifetime” movie weeping and wailing over white women who more than likely caused their own beatings, as well.

If a white woman walls off and slaps the shit out of a man for disrespecting her, that man (he) should not have disrespected her and probably deserved it; but according to Whoopi Goldberg and those of her ilk and mindset, if a Black woman walls off and slaps the shit out of a man for disrespecting her, he has EVERY RIGHT to turn around and kick her ass and beat her to a bloody pulp in some mortal hand-2-hand combat, even if she is only two pounds heavy compared to his 200.

The honor of a white woman, the dishonor of a Black woman — America has a “slave complex” it simply never got over when it comes to Black women.

We can bet cash money on the table that no one would EVER tell a white man it’s okay to hit a white woman, even if she did do the hitting first. But a Black woman, well, that’s somehow ‘DIFFERENT.’

  • 5 These white people and Black men can berate us in public and we must have empathy and sympathy for how they “feel” about any issue they can make up; but if a Black woman dare to speak a word out against them for their own behaviors and treatment of her, it is not about the way she “feels.” It is nothing more than “anger” and “hatefulness” and they should bow down to their White Roman Christian European God and take the blame for other people’s abusiveness and maltreatment.

Was it us, was it the Black woman herself, truly — that taught the world that she is supposed to lie prostrate and take an ass-whipping from every man and his dog trying to run a road up her behind?

No wonder so many Black women “come out of the gate swinging a bat blindly at anything she can hit.” If she does not, she’s as good as dead anyway. May as well take a few out with her on the way.

  • 4 What is there to say about ungrateful disrespectful children? Yeah yeah, white women have those, too … but that has nothing to do with us. It is on the breast of the Black woman that the entire world -of all genders, races, colors, means, ethnicities, creeds, codes, methods and modes- have suckled. Yet they remain ungrateful, which is nothing more than ungratefulness to God for creating her and giving her this Most Holy position and order in the Earth.

Whether Mother or Mama is overly-protective, overly-abusive, or somewhere in between, a day comes when all adults -those who make it to adulthood, that is- have to decide what is best for themselves. It was her choice to bring you here, get grateful. She did not have to bring you here, or let you live – Period. Get the protocol straight – she gave YOU life, not the other way around. Just as God gave us life, we did not give Life to Him.


We understand that protocol and the order in which it was given, which is why Black women are named as the most “religious” on the planet.

Judges trying to control money that was donated to Shanesha Taylor? If she was a white heifer with pink hair who left her children on top of a car and drove off, dumping the kid in the middle of moving traffic, would they be trying to control her finances?

Psychologists say “mother-blaming” is expedient for all people, but peculiar enough is the extraordinary mother-blaming of Black women without whom this world, simply enough, would not exist.

The Black woman was entrusted by the Most High with the carrying, birthing, nurturing and raising up an entire planet of generations of people from the very beginning of time, yet and still she is the most despised, hated, used, and wickedly abused of all women on Earth. And what goes around from one generation most assuredly comes back to the next one.

Even Janet Jackson, whose breast was made bare at a certain Super Bowl game by a white man who confessed to having sexual fetishes about screwing her, was ultimately blamed for his wrongdoing. It did not matter that he confessed he had made a mistake in tearing off part of her costume, the darts, arrows, and poison pens continued to be aimed at her and in her direction. This white male has never borne the blame of scrutiny for what he did to her, but there is a BIGGER picture that most people never got.

After watching and seeing Madonna flash her boobs and tooty all over the place, and screw anything that wasn’t nailed down, the REAL insult to their sullied memories is what a Black woman’s breast actually symbolizes and represents to the entire world at-large.

For that … for giving them life and nourishment … these ungrateful, greedy, selfish sucklings would have us all smited.

  • 3 Black women are being ‘played’ in the media’s liquid society as the Poster Children for kissing the asses of gays and lesbians whether we want to or not, for anti-abortion laws and as “welfare mamas.”

Get real about it.

Black women, black people in general, are under no obligation whatsoever to be used as leverage to gain “gay rights,” by any stretch of the imagination. The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s was not about gays any more than it was about the rights of whores and bestiality. It was about Civil Rights for Black people and those who were tormented for sticking up for the rights of Black people.

There were no “rights” that gay people did NOT have, as they were able to keep their sexual preferences to themselves and none was the wiser. NO Black person can ever hide from the color of their skin or their ethnic backgrounds, or even their gender.

What we have learned from this is that gays tend to be like everyone else who rides Black women for a free ticket, and uses them, then leaves them in the dust when it’s their turn to be heard. One would not think it possible for a gay and “so situationally-disenfranchised” person to be such racists, but many -a whole helluva lot- of the white male ones are. That is a profound fact that invalidates that whole ‘civil rights for gays’ argument.


No, we are not going to give up our rights about parental choices, birth control, and the right of choice over our own bodies, no matter who says that only a “horrible Black feminist who loves the ideas of Margaret Sanger’s genocidal notions” eats this dirt.


No, Black women are not your “Welfare Mama” poster children.

We, our mothers, grandmothers, and ancestors throughout the antiquities, have fed far too many wayward children at our own expense not to be HIGHLY entitled to anything this world, this nation, has to offer. We have most assuredly paid our dues and learned a hard lesson about “college degrees” and “slave wage jobs.” It is never ever worth it in the end.

Stay home and raise your children -Black women- if you choose to do so, and whenever and wherever you can, man or no man. You are not obligated, as Black women, to any Black man or any white people who are using you to save THEIR hides. Black women, you are not a sacrifice for anyone. If the sacrifice God gave them is not good enough for them, then they will “burn in hell” because you do not have a VALID substitute that will help them escape it.

No, Republican after-birth murderers, reparations is not “welfare,” it is what is still due and owing now for PAST atrocities against Black people.

Welfare is what happens in the here and now if any poor person of any race or national origins needs it to be sustained, and especially for the Moms who are ‘fruitful’ enough to ‘multiply,’ and for keeping this world populated, loved, nurtured, healthy, grown and eventually made whole.

  • 2 This Halloween 2014, the “Ray and Janay Rice” costume is the lord of all white gods and their envy-mongering she-devils.

Don’t say anything about the glorification of the abuse of a Black woman by a Black man by responding in ‘like-kind’ with an OJ Simpson nightmare costume while carrying about the beheaded head of a stringy-haired whore for a candy bucket, or even responding with a low-key redneck ‘wife beater’ t-shirt and some cut off jeans while dragging around a two-teef Waffle House waitress by her broken right leg.

This isn’t supposed to be “racist,” it’s “just a cool and fun hallowed weenie joke.”

To them, Janay Rice, as a Black woman, should have had her ass kicked by that Black man whether he had some self-intrinsic reason or not. You tell ’em, Whoopi!

A Black woman can’t even be righteously married and escape their overt wickedness and treachery.

The news report by The Root says that the Rice’s are praying for these demonic entities and their cohorts, but that is a prayer that – if you do happen to read the Bible- God would not honor. We do not “pray for” the devil incarnate, to do so is to bring his hell into our lives and make it our own. (For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, rulers of the dark (the netherworld), and devlish entities in high places...)

God cannot hear that prayer.

It ridicules not only the couple, but their children -Abraham’s covenanted seed- for many generations to come. It also speaks volumes about the kind of gods they truly worship, which God will not honor nor respect them, and neither should we. Let their atrocities ride with them, don’t engage their demons by prayer over what God will not respect or honor.

They must have their comeuppance day, all of them, for their overall hatred of the woman that God chose to be the mother of all humankind.

Besides, their behaviors most assuredly explain, if all else fails, why all hell has broken loose on certain white people in this time and in this order. Be not deceived, for God is not mocked … whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

  • 1 Betrayal of the Black woman by other Black women is even worse than betrayal by men.
Marissa Alexander 20-year sentence overturned in self-defense case that racist Angela Corey attempted to turn into a murder trial without a dead body.
Marissa Alexander 20-year sentence overturned in self-defense case that racist Angela Corey attempted to turn into a murder trial without a dead body anywhere to be found.

Let’s end this with the truth ABOUT the truth.

Any female who has her legs plopped open for another woman’s husband, or even for another woman’s ‘boyfriend’, is at the common root cause of the reason why Black women can’t get it together long enough to handle our business with our men or our children on the level of “Goddess” that was ordained by God, and given to us and us alone.

If we haven’t learned by now that no man is important enough to lose a good friend girl over, or that any man who will cheat on his wife will most assuredly cheat on his girlfriend, then we are never going to be the force to be reckoned with that the world has to answer to for its sins against us. If he is talking about her to YOU, he is talking about YOU to someone else. No doubt.

Men are easy to come by and easy to load; good women and lady friends, once lost, shall never return to us again. Once we lose them, there is no “second chance.”

Eternity, in terms of this world, has played its hand. There is nothing else to be said.


Every time an older Black woman dies...
The distortion of our history, the mis-education of our children under an enemy’s empire, and the consistent lies told about us…you/we OUGHT to be angry and RIGHTLY SO.

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