YouTube Star GloZell Green Interviews POTUS, Asks About Distrust Between Police and Blacks


After a super successful State of the Union address, President Obama wants to keep the momentum going and get his policies out to the younger voters. The President met with 3 YouTube stars, Bethany Mota, Hank Green, and GloZell Green, to discuss issues important to them and their views.

GloZell, whose signature green lipstick made an appearance during the interview, caught the President off guard when she referred to First Lady Michelle Obama as the “first wife” instead. President Obama was light-hearted about the flub and said “Do you know something I don’t?

It was a nice comedic moment between the YouTube Star and leader of the free world, but not the entire interview.


The POTUS went over everything from whether marijuana should be illegal, the plan to make community college free, and of course, the distrust between white police officers and the black community.


GloZell mentioned to the President that she cuts the hoods off her husband’s hoodies because of the racial stereotypes he may face. Obama responded to concerns, “A lot of the way to solve this is to improve training so people can be aware of their biases ahead of time.”

Here’s a clip:

You can see all 3 interviews here:

UI, what would you ask the president if you could interview him?


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