WURD Digital Launches ecoWURD To Confront Environmental News

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The environment matters! Maybe our current administration doesn’t think this but I do. Add on to the fact that FLINT STILL DOESN’T HAVE CLEAN WATER and we have what I call an environmental crisis. These  stories need to be told so we can be informed about what’s going on and what we can do help. Well, Philadelphia based readers, look no further thanks ecoWURD, an environmental justice journalism initiative by black-owned talk radio station WURD. The ecoWURD team is diverse with strong personalities ready to take on Philidelphia’s “Green Divide”. The publication will feature in-depth investigative articles, analysis, broadcast segments and multimedia visual content.

“On ecoWURD, we want to highlight the disparities that exist along racial and socioeconomic lines, as seen through the lens of the environment,” writes publisher Lomax-Reese in her inaugural essay on ecoWURD “In the Black community, we know that it’s all connected — disproportionate rates of chronic disease, violence, low literacy. This is because our environment is everything, everywhere — seen and unseen.”

ecoWURD’s Publisher, Managing Editor and Correspondents are available for media interviews and other public engagements. More insightful reporting, commentary, research and exclusive WURDonDemand podcasts featured every week. Visit: http://ecoWURD.com for more!


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