WTF: Violent “Why Can’t He Touch Your Son” Cop ONLY Suspended For 10 Days Without Pay !


Quite plainly this man did not do his job, I don’t think he should be holding his badge anymore! But the officer has been punished with a puny punishment!

As we previously reported:

46 year old Jacqueline Lanette Craig called the police to her neigborhood in Fort Worth, Texas. A neigbor had allegedly choked her son for not picking up litter. The officer didn’t seem sympathetic and was caught on video asking why she couldn’t teach her kid to pick up litter and why the man could not put his hands on her son.

She is black, the man who choked her son and the officer was white. She was violently arrested along with her two daughters (who are minors). See the incident in the video below:

Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald said on Monday during a press conference that Officer, William A. Martin, had violated policy regarding “discourtesy and inappropriate contact”.


He continued:

“Quite frankly, Officer Martin felt that he let me down,”

“We want to reassure members of the public that this is an isolated incident.”

10 DAYS WITHOUT PAY! It’s barely a slap on the wrist!

There is, however, a separate Tarrant County investigation in place to determine if criminal charges should be filed against the officer. Of course, holding out hope may be silly regarding the history of officers being punished for such behavior.

The Craig’s family attorney, Lee Merritt, told The Huffington Post., regarding the 10 day punishment:

“It sends a message out to the entire community of Fort Worth that it’s okay to assault children if they’re young black boys,”

“It undermines the safety of the officers of Forth Worth because it erodes the trust within the community.”


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