WTF: Spring Valley High Girl Assaulted By Officer (And The Girl Who Filmed It) Facing Jail Time!


The police officer who dragged a 16 year old student across a classroom for reportedly refusing to get off her phone was fired, this was a bit of a light response to a clear assault. To make the matter much much much worse the girl who was dragged and the girl who filmed the incident are now facing charges and potential jail time. This is seriously seriously screwed up!!!!

So, the two girls face a misdemeanor charge of disturbing their school. If they are found guilty a 90 day jail stint could be laid down or a huge $1,000 fine.

This is outrageous on all levels! I think we can all agree.



Hello Beautiful (src: reported some fight against this madness though:

But on Thursday, several organizations, including ColorOfChange and the Alliance for Educational Justice, submitted a petition calling for the charges against the two teens to be dropped.

“These two young women have suffered enough without the justice system dragging out the process of eliminating these ridiculous charges,” said Rashad Robinson, ColorOfChange’s executive director, in a statement.

Dan Johnson, the judicial circuit solicitor in charge of the case, doesn’t want personal bias or feelings to play a role, and would rather follow the letter of the law. Stay tuned.


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