WTF: Protest Racism and Get Your Scholarship Revoked!!!!


State Rep. Rick Brattin appears to be trying to stop athletes on football scholarships at the University of Missouri from protesting racism at the school.

A proposal was filed on friday that would strip a college athletes scholarship if they refuse playing for reasons that are not related to health.

These proposals came at a convenient time, just a month after protects at the uni where 30 black football players refused to play unless President Tim Wolfe resigned. This call was related to students feeling a lack of action related to racially motivated incidents on campus. Wolfe resigned a few days after the football players actions moved the strike to a new level!


Under the proposal coaching staff who encouraged players to not attend would also be fined.

The 30 players actions could have cost the school $1 million had Wolfe not resigned.

Funding for the school’s football comes from private sources so it’s also unsure how a state legislation would affect this side of things!

It seems like a financial move by the state but really they should be addressing the needs of the students, the people who actually keep the university running and give it purpose!


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