WTF: 10 Year Aramark Employee Fired For Missing 40 Minutes Of Work To Attend Class At The Same Uni!


Some employers are absolutely ruthless, they don’t care about their employees, they literally treat them like animals.

Ana Ebanks fled her home country of Honduras in 2004. She worked as a fully qualified attorney.

When she arrived to the united states she could not longer continue that work, she ended up working in the cafeteria at the American University in Washington, D.C. She worked there for 10 years until a few weeks ago.



The same uni that she served lunches at just gave her a full and free ride for her continuing education. However, Huffington Post contributor Carlos Mark Vera wrote on his Facebook page on Sept. 2:

“Today I was suppose to announce the awesome news that Ana Ebanks, the Aramark food worker famously known for being an attorney in her home country of Honduras, just received a full ride to the LLM program at the American University Washington College of Law. Instead this post is about how Aramark fired her a couple of hours ago when she missed 40 minutes of work because she was in class. This is a woman who fled her country so she wouldn’t get killed.”

Aramark are the company providing the food services to the University. Their behavior in this matter is purely disgusting. She had reportedly faced abuse from her employers for years, bullying and verbal abuse. She tried to better herself, taking English classes and endured her conditions.

We sincerely hope that she gets help to get through this mess and that Aramark is somehow reprimanded for unfair dismissal.

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