Alex R. Hibbert plays ‘Little’ in Moonlight and this kid seems to be wise beyond his years!

At 12 years old he already has BIG plans and instead of planning to use his money from the movie to buy gadgets and impress his friends he wants to cure cancer and help the world.


Speaking in an interview with movie blog heyuguys.com he said:

“I don’t work for the fame,” Hibbert said, rocking back on a comedically large sofa with his feet a couple inches off the ground. “I just work for my mom. I grind for my mom, everything I do, everything I pursue is for my mom, and I’m doing this for her so she can retire. I don’t really care about the fame that much, I just wanna help my mom, and help other people that need help.”

“What I wanted to do was either play football or be a scientist that cures cancer,”


“In middle school I didn’t know what to do with my life. I was a bit of a bad child, I’d always get in trouble because I had a lot of movement. But the drama programme settled me down, I can use my movement for good.”

“Football is out of the question now, but scientist-wise, I’m going to take most of my money… Wait, some of my money, and build a lab, and I’m going to take the best scientists to work on curing cancer and stuff like that.”

What a stand up young man, read the full interview here.


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