I just love this quote from Forbes magazine:

“No person or entity is manufacturing food products intended for human consumption that contain aborted fetuses. But some food companies are using cell lines that originally derived from human fetuses to develop new food products.”

Uh, did you understand the above lines of complete and total b***S***?

They are only using parts of the aborted fetuses in food products like Pepsi and food additives. Also aborted embryos are used to make some cosmetics.

This is probably an issue that no one wants to know or discuss, I wanted to know why this society was promoting abortions for some women and girls as a form of birth control. I am certainly not against a woman’s choice to have an abortion. I am totally against using abortions as a form of birth control.

Women should control their reproductive health. Who should control the reproductive health of our teens? There was an uptik in the number of black and brown girls becoming pregnant. If you believe anything they say. The government can easily access the number of pregnant black and brown teens from health care centers and public hospitals.


In some years there was close to 1,000,000 abortions. There is a major market for selling fetuses. Don’t you just love this crazy a**** country they would sell their Mommas. Of course some of the fetuses were tossed away.

The government instituted a program to decrease the number of pregnancies. The data is still being crunched. The preliminary data suggests that there has been a decrease in the number of all teen pregnancies. The number of black and brown girls still exceed white girls.

White girls in the lower economic classes were not targeted.
I know intuitively they have a high pregnancy rate also. Middle class white girls could always get abortions from their family physicians. Poor girls health information is documented due to their interactions in the public health arena.

Planned Parenthood’s role in this is interesting, Although they provide a wide range of services for women and girls most people are more familiar with their role in providing abortions. What are they doing with all those fetuses?


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