Erika Nicole Kendall’s journey began because her mother was concerned about her health. To appease her mother she visited a fitness center.

Hugely overweight, Erika had quite a journey ahead of her. To track the highs and lows she decided to start blogging. She says

“I wanted a space to hold myself accountable for everything I’ve learned. I could never tell myself, ‘Oh, I didn’t know that!’ Not only did I ‘know’ it, I wrote 1600 words about it!”

Now, anyone who has tried to shed a few pounds knows that it takes hard work and determination. Take your eye of the ball for one second and it can creep back and become worse than ever before.

But Erika managed to keep going, she lost a whopping 170lbs, then she had a baby and is back on the weight loss trail.

She became a health expert, pushing healthy diet, running and strength training. Her entire journey is there online for all to see and it is inspiring and seemingly totally real stuff that we can all learn from.

Watch Erika in he video below and visit her blog

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