WOAH (VIDEO): He Admired A Chick-fil-A Employee So Much That He Built Him a New Home


Bryan Smith met Shakeel Williams at Chick-Fil-A and immediately he was knocked back by the young man’s kindness and care.

As you may know Chick-Fil-A isn’t our favorite company here at UI (read: It’s Boycott Time: Chick-fil-A Just Dropped A BOMBSHELL On ‘Black Lives Matter’ That Is Just Hateful) but we can’t hate on anyone who works there… we all need to get the greenbacks!

Williams (who goes by the nickname Shack) had had some rough times recently and he suffers with sickle cell anemia. With mounting hospital bills the McClellanville, South Carolina found themselves living in a trailer.

Smith and Shack became closer and closer after that first meeting and Smith started to help pay the medical bills. Then one day he decided he would do something greater for his friend, he decided to build Shack and his family a house!

Watch the video below, a super cool story of friendship:


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