The Wire’s Wendell Pierce Invests $20 Million In Baltimore Jobs Program


Wendell Pierce never ceases to impress and his latest venture surely has us all standing up and clapping. This guy gives back way more than most.

So what exactly is happening?

The 49 year-old actor took the chance to make his project public during a panel discussion at Columbia University on Saturday. He, along with following Wire actors, Sonja Sohn, Felicia Pearson, and Jamie Hector, was part of the panel on community activism.

He decided it was appropriate to announce his $20 million apartment block project in the Baltimore arts district. This complex will have a portion offered to artists at a discounted rate and will allow them to show their work in the complex’s galleries.


This pilot jobs program has intentions to spread to other parts and other sectors of the city.

He said:

“They’re not going to be the entire workforce, but we wanted to put together a jobs program for people from the community,”

And went onto say:

“We hope to take it into the row houses too,” he told Fusion. “This is a pilot program to make sure that the template is there.”

Work on the complex is said to start in July and hopefully be running by the end of 2017.

Our hats are off to this man. We need more like him.


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