The love affair with POTUS Barack Obama in the Black community will never end, but it irks my soul when I hear people say, “He is the greatest American President ever”.

As if that is an epic statement or something. How low is the bar to be a great American President?

Can’t believe I have to break this down because it seems like it would be rather obvious to anyone who has a decent grasp of American history and love for their ancestors, but apparently the love affair is so real it is clouding the judgement of many in the Black community.

I recognize that some of you may disagree with the premise that POTUS Obama is the greatest President, but won’t spend any time trying to argue the merits of his policy, legacy or administration compared to any other Presidents because that isn’t my measuring stick.

For the sake of this discussion (as it isn’t really about POTUS Obama), let’s just say he is.



But real talk right now, how low is the bar on American Presidents when you view it from the lens of the Black community? Which is the only lens I am grabbing because it’s my and our reality.

For nearly the first 100 years of the country, you weren’t even consider people. You were property. Thus, I don’t give a damn about anyone one of those Presidents, many of which owned the so-called slaves….YOUR ANCESTORS.

Nearly the next 100 years, your people had to endure the Black Codes, Jim Crow, discrimination, oppression, State sponsored terrorism and more while the Presidents and politicians pretended not to notice or didn’t give a damn.

I’m betting on the latter.

Thus all these Presidents are out of the running for best President of the United States.

Kennedy was killed early.

Nixon was a racist shit and kicked off the War on Drugs.

Carter was an American footnote, like Johnson before Nixon. Nope.

Reagan was a horrific disaster when it came to the Black community. His elevation of the War on Drugs was really just a war on the Black community that landed us crack cocaine, Freeway Rick Ross and the fallout after him. He is out.

Bush advanced Reagan’s policies. Nope.

Clinton (and Joe Biden) is (are) responsible for putting many of your relatives, friends and neighbors in jail with his 1994 Crime Bill, which the distraction tactics users love to say was an unintended consequence of the bill, but we know that’s BS.

These people knew they, the government, was pouring crack cocaine into the Black community, so when they DECIDED to make sentencing laws 18 times stronger for that drug compared to cocaine….they knew what the hell they were doing.

Clinton is out!

The second coming of Bush? Naw, son! Awakened minds don’t play that.

So, is Barack Obama the greatest President the United States has ever seen?

In my opinion, sure he is…by default, but that doesn’t mean i’m impressed because the bar is VERY LOW based on the Black experience in this country.

This is my opinion. Let’s hear yours.