White Woman Wants to Know if Trump is Bringing Back Slavery because it Might be Useful


People will argue you up and down trying to convenience you to believe that racism no longer exist. No matter how many racists acts we witness and read about with our very our own eyes someone will argue with you for hours to convenience you otherwise.

Heather Wick M.D. from Burlington, Vermont made a post on her Facebook account asking “Do you think Trump will bring back slavery? I could use a maid.” One of her Facebook friends, Hans, replied to her post, we don’t know exactly what his reply was but he did not like her post. Her response to Hans was, “You have no sense of humor Hans,” because this was obviously a joke, right?

Heather Wick will get on social media and tell everyone it was a bad joke and she meant nothing by it. Heather Wick M.D. will tell us how many black people have been her house and how many black friends she has. Heather Wick M.D. will tell us how many black patients she has and how they receive exemplary service from her. Heather Wick M.D. is not a racist, she doesn’t even see color.


Wick requesting a slave is not funny. Wick requesting a slave is equivalent to Trump passing law to make reading illegal for all whites in American with a punishment of prison or execution for those who can read (not funny right). Wick requesting a slave is like Trump legalizing rape (not funny right). Wick requesting a slave is equivalent to Trump deporting ALL white European Americans back to “where they came from” (not funny right). I could go on but I won’t.

I don’t know if Wick has her own clinic but whatever she does and wherever she works, please make sure that if you are a person of color, you immediately stop giving her your business. When people show you who they are, believe them the first time!



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