What & Why This Father Wrote On His Son’s $300 Air Jordans Will Make You Proud As A Parent


To sneaker heads, writing on a pair of fresh to death, Legend Blue Jordans should be a crime. However, to parents, it is an opportunity to not only grab the attention of your child, but drive home a very important point.

This passionate father obviously loves his 14 year old son. Through the video, his love for him comes screaming through the screen, but this love doesn’t blind him from the role and responsibility he has to raise an intelligent young man with the right principals and core values.

My-Grades-MatterAfter this father went out and purchased his son a pair of $300 Legend Blue Air Jordans, the teen brought home two D’s on his report card. The father felt this was well below his son’s ability and his expectations. In fact, he said:

“His report card wasn’t reflective of what we’re doing in our house. It wasn’t reflective of the fact that we have running water, lights, internet and a bunch of other things I didn’t have growing up as a child.”


However, instead of arguing or fussing with the child, as many of us have done over the years with our children, he took to the next level and pulled out his black, permanent marker to deface the $300 Air Jordan basketball shoes with a very powerful phrase:


The father says in the video: “MY GRADES MATTER..Everyday, until his grades get back to As and Bs…I don’t care what I spent on the shoes. I need this message to come across everyday when he looks down at his feet.”

OUTSTANDING JOB, DAD! I salute you and those like you willing to try new things, hold your children accountable and don’t just give them any and everything if they are not working hard and doing the right things.

SOUND OFF: What do you think about this father and his MY GRADES MATTER solution?


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