What If They Killed The President?


Presidents have been killed in this violent society throughout American history. As a historical fact, this country has assassinated four of it’s Presidents;  Kennedy, McKinley, Garfield and Lincoln. Killing Presidents is not a new phenomenon in America.

Let me say in advance, I DO NOT want nor support this craziness of having President Obama assassinated. I am sure I am not the only person that has considered this notion and it’s repercussions.

America is one of the most racist countries in the world.

In addition to all of those European countries that people seem to forget were part of the original countries that upset the history of the world by being involved in what is considered the slave trade. I refer to it as,” considered slave trade,”  due to one researcher stating, “In a trade a commodity is exchanged for a  commodity of equal value.” As we know that did not happen, we are still waiting for the commodity exchange of equal value.


Those countries still have a major footprint in the countries where they first committed the crimes against humanity. Those African countries, that they divided irrespective of Africa’s natural boundaries, are still referred to as colonies. The Europeans  decided to divide Africa up and they still have spheres of influence. The resources belonging to Africans became the resources of Europeans. Now the Africans are poor and the oligarchs/plutocrats are rich.

My premise is, this country has a predilection for murder, mayhem, rape, and terror. Combine that penchant for negative behavioral outcomes with an undereducated racist mentality. The formula for catastrophic behavior becomes even more prevalent.

It is my belief that if the President was assassinated, our actions would provide the power structure with the catalyst they need to further suppress us.

Our actions would be a precursor for detaining us in all those detention camps they are upgrading.


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