West Africans Eat One Of The Most Healthy (And Delicious) Diets In The World


Using self-reported diet surveys from 187 countries that are home to 89% of the world’s adult population, researchers led by Fumiaki Imamura from the University of Cambridge analyzed the intake of healthy foods such as fruit, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and fish, as well as foods containing fiber and omega-3s. They also looked at the consumption of unhealthy foods such as sugary drinks, saturated fats, sodium, and processed meats.

Taken all together, Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly West Africa, ranked better than wealthier regions in North America and Europe, probably because of a diet comprised of lean meats, vegetables, legumes, and staple starches, with less processed foods than countries that fared worse (such as the US and Russia).

That’s from an article on Quartz (src: http://bit.ly/1TlNzYh) that looked at diets around the world. It points out that this was about nutritionally quality and not quantity (malnourishment in Sub-Saharan Africa was around 24%) but going on the diet and if people could get the amount they needed it seems clear that the West African diet has a great balance. And best of all, it is stuffed full of delicious food! I’ve eaten West African food many times and the variety and taste would not leave a person bored.


FuFu made from mashed cassava, Groundnut stew made from peanuts of jollof rice, Senegalese Chicken, plantains and yams, lightly spiced stews and flaming hot chili peppers! The list of food is amazing and in the USA you can find all the ingredients, you can get trying out food immediately and brighten up your plate.

You can learn so much just by going down the YouTube rabbit hole! Good luck!


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