TV talk show host, Wendy Williams set off a fire storm of controversy and outrage on social media when she questioned the creation and need for HBCU’s and the NAACP in response to actor and activist, Jesse Williams, humanitarian award speech at the BET AWARDS last week.

Jesse Williams, aptly spoke on BLACK LIVES MATTER with poetic emphasize on holding white peoples benefit of privilege accountable in the complicity of systemic racism.  In a misguided attempt to stay relevant in current affairs the former radio personality and current talk show hostess Wendy Williams used her HOT TOPICS segment to OP ED on equality and fairness nationwide.

If you watched the video most folks would conclude her opinion came from a lack of knowledge.  In the old days we would have dismissed Wendy’s comments with, “Bless her heart”, some sweet tea and kept it moving. Back then we were smart enough to know somethings did not deserve a stop the presses, hold the train, the building is on fire all out response and our best handled in a one on one, instructor to student setting meant for learning and growth.

At some point we have evolved into a society of public humiliation and ridicule, with name calling and questioning the level of intelligence of you, your momma and your grandma. TSK! TSK! Don’t worry those that agree are not alone in their pursuit to increase the mental health issues in our community.

Enter stage left and on cue, with fire, Roland Martin, TV ONE host and commentator, who is making a practice of criticizing black celebrities for ratings.  First Snoop and his personal desire to excise Slave Movie Narratives from his viewing turn style options and now his sites are set on Wendy Williams and her shows platform of salacious topics and responses to celebrity affairs.


Wendy was spot on recognizing Jesse Williams was fair game for talk time on her HOT TOPICS segment but made an error in judgement on pliable topics for her audience to digest. Wendy, NEWS FLASH, I don’t think your audience cares about the political state of affairs within the NAACP organization or HBCU’s. To take it a step further I am pretty sure they tune into your show for that hour to avoid those topics all together.

KUDOS! You have managed to get peoples attention and capture it during very difficult times. Now behave accordingly. However, did she need to apologize?  According to the UI article published this week she lost at least one sponsor which prompted her to reach out to Roland Martin and discuss the NAACP and HBCU history and importance to the black community specifically.

Wendy then used her shows platform with Roland Martin as an invited guess to apologize and admit she was wrong.  Both TV personalities set the perfect example for adult communication after expressing contrasting view points.  However, do not look any further for the icing on the cake moment. Roland did not apologize for his demeaning characterizations and bully tactics hurled towards Wendy during his safe and comfy one sided commentary, in which he did not extend an invitation to Wendy to join in.

Roland my friend, in every situation there is a lesson, not only for the student but the teacher as well.


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